New map - CTF Firelite b1

(Magic) #1


CTF Firelite b1 is ready for play - a small and simple fun map…i hope.
Capture three flags from your opponent and deliver to your own base to win.
Hope you will enjoy it…and give some feedback around the gameplay

Thanks to d00d for the botfiles - Avoc for the skybox - and Rayban for the ctf stuff.

Download CTF Firelite b1

Download CTF Firelite waypoints

(KeMoN) #2

Oh that was fast :smiley:
Nice to see your next map finished, even if it is just a fun CTF map.
I recognize a lot of things from a previous map you showed, will there still be an obj map with that theme?

I dont have the time this weekend, but i will have a look tomorrow or tuesday

(Teuthis) #3

Congrats, pictures look very encouraging.

(Loffy) #4

Looks awesome, good job!

(macbeth) #5

in test at our server :d
and a mirror to download the map

always been a fan of the Avoc skybox textures and made 2 of them for wf temple and saberpeak maps

(--Phoenix--) #6

Good job Magic, the map is very nice! :wink: I love the night map atmosphere!

(macbeth) #7

we found a lil yellow feature
pic posted at ETS

(Magic) #8

Thanks for the feedback - have fixed the missing texture and made some light in that hallway,
Niek found some axis doors whitout a origin - also fixed.
Im considering some more cover here and there - and maybe some alternative routes -
but i want the players to cross some open space in the middle.

(stealth6) #9

If you want more points or and easier to copy scoreboard then you could check out my CTF prefab:

(Magic) #10

Gonna have a look at your prefab - thanks

(KeMoN) #11

I like the atmosphere, which is a nice change for the normally weird looking CTF/fun maps. I especially like the crane structure and the sliding doors.
That the map isn’t mirrored or in other words, that both teams don’t have the exact same structures on their half is also something I find nice. It leaves the impression that this is a real-life compound and not just something from a fantasy, because there are no compound with two perfectly mirrored halfs. I also don’t think that this has a too problematic impact on balance.

I found some mis-aligned textures here and there, but that is not really an issue. Besides that I found a few caulked surfaces and also a neat hiding spot for the axis team.

(Magic) #12

Thanks for the feedback KeMon - will be on the list for the final.
Here is the original crane - from the old port of Genoa

(Magic) #13

d00d has improved the waypoints - link in first post is updated with the last version.

(macbeth) #14

thanks for the update

(RayBan) #15

@Loffy… I thought you retired. =P

(macbeth) #16

how will be possible than Loffy let ET :d