New kind of hack/wth?

(BluPhenix) #1

There was this player today. 50 kills in one match on ranked, lots of headshots with 30% acc. Lots of long range kills (with proxy).

Suspecting aimbot of somekind. Tried to report but … was not able to click him in the score menu. All of the others yes (except me of course) but when I clicked on him nothing happened, no menu no nothing.

So either he was really really good or something was not right (look at the badges …). And why there was no menu on him?

Video with menu not working:

(ASD) #2


i had the same about one month ago… I way only able to rightklick on him after i joined his team but not as spec


(Lucindious) #3

His accuracy is 29.6% and you think he’s hacking? I do 30-35% and I think my aim is **** and consistently get 40+ kills in ranked. its a bug, nothing else.

(BluPhenix) #4

Lucindious, as I wrote lots of mid-long range headshots. Like in chapel, he was standing near the ammo crate (by the chapel) and I was under the balcony down the stairs (near to ev site). Not far but still not close for proxys smg. Also in the previous match at the end they were 3 of them with no medic (the other guys played kira and arty). So must be some really serious skill to do this, especially the 2 ace badges … with proxy, with smg without medic. So wow I guess.

Oh yes, you get 40+kills in both matches or one? 50 kills here were only in the first match … this shot was taken shortly after starting match nr.2 (we on attack).

(Chronicler) #5

I had 60+ kills and 28 deaths in my last stopwatch/ranked. (I’m not a hacker).

I am very happy when I get accused of hacking though :). That always feels good.

(Flinkles) #6

yea this guy isnt hacking, hes just good. I dropped 50/15 as rhino with 93% accuracy in a match awhile ago. two godlikes in two lives.