New Engineer Merc: MIRV

(Brycko) #1

Class- Engineer
HP- 90
Speed- 420

Mirv hails from Iran. Or hailed, rather. Apparently his country didn’t like him stashing his own Uranium-235 and using them to make secret underground nuclear reactors for neighbourhoods without power. They much preferred him making MIRVS for his country as a deterrent. Unfortunately they weren’t willing to sacrifice their deposits of Uranium and their most creative weapons scientist.

Then the Dirty Bomb incident happens and suddenly nuclear scientists with a background in ‘dirty weapons’ are being hired by the CDA in London. Sure, the money is good. But Mirv is more interested in the specifics. Who’s bomb was it? Can I get more Uranium from them? He’s dedicated himself to tracking down the culprit. And that sweet supply of Uranium.

Mirv is a longer range engineer, designed mostly for perimeter defense. His Radioactive Mines allow him to set up perimeters on or around objectives. By weakening the enemy target with some initial damage, Mirv can easily finish them off with his longer ranged weapon kit.


Mirv bears his worn blue labcoat, laden with patches from the variety of international projects he’s worked on (fun opportunity for Easter Eggs). He wears glasses and a gas mask loosely around his neck. He wears white clean-room pants and a pair of heavy yellow and black radiation-proof gloves. In line with the other Engineers, he chews on a pencil. He has the skinniest figure of all the men in the Dirty Bomb cast, and appears to be slightly underweight. He wears a baseball cap on his head from the Iranian Nuclear Division (if that’s even a thing). He wears a thick pair of hiking boots.

Primary Ability: Radioactive Mines
Cooldown- 10 seconds (per mine)
Number of mines- 6

When triggered, explodes, creating a brief cloud of radioactive dust that gives enemy players a heavy dose of radiation. Every second you have the ‘exposed’ effect, the amount of damage taken over time decreases exponentially (beginning at 25 dmg and totalling around 50 dmg), but the time taken for the effect to wear off increases exponentially, until it stops after around 10 seconds. (Haven’t been bothered to check if the maths work out). Additionally, mines will spot any enemies effect by the triggering of the mine (but it won’t track their location).

Mines can be placed on any surface, and have a throwing arc about the same as Thunder’s Conc Grenade. Unlike proximity mines, the radioactive mines work with laser tripwires; a beam of laser light will shoot out the top of the mines that, if broken by enemy players (or the friendly Mirv), will trigger. Mines do not stack damage, however tripping up on another mine will reset the effect. Healing teammates will cancel the effect.

Secondary Ability: Objective Specialist
Self explanatory.

Primary- Stark, Hurtsall,
Secondary- Caulden, Simeon, Araverov
Melee- Kukri, Stiletto, Ulu


Mirv’s mines are less for dealing damage than they are for shocking the enemy. The initial blow can scare enemies, giving teammates time to react. There’s also a greater incentive as the sooner the team reacts, the harder it is for the enemy team to recover.

Mirv is generally designed to be weaker at close range, relying on ‘headshot weapons’ for his loadouts.

Mirv’s weaknesses are similar to the fire supports; good at range, but kinda lacklustre up close. His low health and movement speed also make him a bit of a sitting duck.

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(HadronZodiac) #2

please no more mines ._.

(Brycko) #3

@HadronZodiac said:
please no more mines ._.

I tried to make them less annoying than Proxy’s :smile: Less damage and tripwires (meaning they’re easier to avoid) but more of an effect over time. They’re more or less useless without any follow-up, not like Proxy’s pizza nukes.

(Demonic_Muff1n) #4

this ability needs more specualtion like the rate at which the dmg decreases. also 6 mines with a 10 secs cooldown? kill yourself

(Brycko) #5

@Demonic_Muff1n said:
this ability needs more specualtion like the rate at which the dmg decreases. also 6 mines with a 10 secs cooldown? kill yourself

I said exponential decay (like the graph for the half-life of a radioactive substance), but balancing it is up to the devs. Exactly what details are you looking for?

As for 6 mines with 10 seconds each; Mines don’t do that much damage (total 50 damage), and that’s damage over time. I can see the issue with mine-stacking, but keep in mind these are tripwire mines, so it’s more difficult to trigger multiple at the same time. There would be a range in which each mine can be set from one another. Also mines don’t stack damage, only decay rate.

10 seconds cooldown should be reasonable considering they’ll be deployed most of the time and they’re more difficult to place effectively than regular proxy mines, but this can be changed.

I may add a small laser light effect that can be seen be seen up close, so they’re easier to avoid. Also, shooting these mines won’t trigger them. I’m also thinking of giving him a detonator that can trigger the mine if he points at it with it when the mine is in his line of sight (like Proxy shooting a mine, accept more discrete and can only be done by him).