New Dev Video: What's Coming Next

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all,

We have our plans, come and find out what’s coming next

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(Mc1412013) #2

So wheres the exclusive dirt. We already know this stuff is being worked on. Tell us stuff we dont know. These vids are great for noobs of the game but most of us vets hear this info over and over give us some dirt on the game

(Begin2018) #3

Just LOL

(D'@athi) #4

Ehm plx close this thread, delete it, and ban this guy. He is talking about cheats(variables) on getting phantom more visible!
Wait, joking… Because, naturally, we won’t mention people talking about or showing hacks, right? :pensive:

Nah, really, keep it up @PR, and plx tell the guy coding to keep up the good work as long as university is on hold.

Ps: So, in S5 of ranked, I may get back to playing “Competetive” while still having the Stockholm-servers, and probably also the Amsterdam-one’s also, blacklisted via the Win10-firewall on my PC, beause they are unplayable from out of here? That’s awesome, rly! I was afraid to get to many people going apeshit because of 4vs5’s in S4, because of me naturally not beeing abel to connect! Rly thx to the dev getting some help to get the connect-part of the code cleaned-out.

(Teflon Love) #5

I’m not sure if watching a team of average lv9 devs doing a duo repair of the EV at 26:39 increases my confidence in SD’s direction of development. :smiley:

(Darkwolf3802) #6

All this is great but phantom needs a delay before being able to attack after decloaking. Being able to attack while invis is bs, to be blunt. Im hoping season 5 yields a better ranking system then the win/loss team based system that is currently in place and abused. I should be in the golds if it wasnt for quitters, trolls etc yet I stand in bronze due to this.

(Xenithos) #7

Thanks for the announcement. No new news, they’re still going with making Phantom more visible, hope they don’t overdo that. Glad to see the consecutive credits coming.

(Begin2018) #8

About the twitch video, that’s strange, there is nobody under level 40. And the 2nd match, minimum is level 79. This never happen in the real game. And you don’t want to give us min level 40 or 50 servers? Silly… Stay in your bubble.