New Dev Video: Triple Ranked Points

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

Our Triple Ranked Points event has kicked off, and devs are about to go toe-to-toe with the community

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(Mc1412013) #2

Still think ev glitch needs to be fixed before release along with stpkers napalm dissapearing randomly

(Ptiloui) #3

So, after all the times the EV glitch has been reported during those years, when you mention it, it’s just to say that it will take a lot of ressources and considering what you’re actually preparing, you have other priority ?? You should have sticked to don’t care to it at all, it would have been better for eveyrone… (like phantom…)

(Begin2018) #4

DirtyBomb 1.0 will be a big joke if the EV glitch isn’t fixed. It will confirm what I’m thinking, just a random update but with lots of marketing.

Maybe they will fix this in DirtyBomb 2.0, as GGG fixed desyncs at Path of Exile 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue: