New Dev Video: The Next Update

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all,

There’s a big update on the horizon, so let’s take a peek at what’s coming…

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(SirOrionDrake) #2

It’ is really nice that we’d be able to trade and all… But I’ve got one concern, about our Special Edition cards.

How are you going to implement their trading? I mean, the whole point about being “special” is that they’re rare, and can’t be obtained again. Given that you guys once said that Obsidian Operatives wouldn’t return, and yet they did, I cant help to think that there’s a small chance of some one who just joined the game could be toting a What the Dickens card, for example.

If they will be tradable, could you make it so that they can be traded just among those who already have them?

(Cankor) #3

Yes, we want key bindings by Merc!
let us put med packs and ammo packs on the same key
let us bind healing pulse and defibs to the same key
let us bind amo station and healing station to the same key