New Dev Video: The Ghostclip Update

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

The Ghostclip event is here, along with balance improvements, bug fixes and more!

The Ghost Clip Update Release Notes:
Javelin Adjustments:
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(TitaniumRapture) #2

These gloves and weapon on Phoenix… Damn i love it. Much better color combination than before. Good job. I still do not understand why we cannot choose the loadout. :confused:

And that animé picture is amazing. :slight_smile:

(Melinder) #3

@TitaniumRapture said:
I still do not understand why we cannot choose the loadout. :confused:

Don’t say anything man, please, you’ll jinx it. We should consider ourselves lucky that we at least know what loadout card we are buying.

(Xenithos) #4

Good Job SD… keep up the good work, woo…
chorus of complaints later
But really though, good job working so hard!

(HardCoreGamer44) #5

love it love it can’t wait for the new cards to hit good job db team

(PorkyPerson) #6

The Ghostclip player skins may be the best ones I’ve seen in years. I don’t care as much for the weapon skins, but with merc decks there’s a solution.

I really hope you bring back these skins or make more like them.

I spent every credit I had, about 400k and luck wasn’t on my side. I got one Proxy card I would play, but the skin doesn’t look as good on her. It looks so good on Fragger, Thunder, Vasilli, Sparks, and Rhino.