New Dev Video: RAD Gifting

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

Soon you’ll be able to gift RADs to each other

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(Chris Mullins) #2

(Begin2018) #3

Toxicity? What’s your definition of toxicity? There is probably as much definition as the number of players.

For me toxic players are the ones who spam shuffle vote all the time while it’s unnecessary (by the way, you should remove vote shuffle now as there is auto-shuffle in the beginning of the match).

Phantom himself is a toxic mercenary. It’s ridiculous to have an invisible merc with the fire power of Nader. Then people playing Phantom are toxic.

So good luck to you to fix something totally subjective!

(Teflon Love) #4

The answer to the question suggests that SD is thinking about a chat based system similar to Rocket League’s ban system.

This is a nice and easy definition of toxicity based on a list of nasty words, which is simple to detect and handle with low effort. You can even use it to measure the short term “success” of gimmicks like Overwatch’s endorsements and feel all warm and fuzzy about it.

We can’t have entitled kids spamvoting for shuffle, non ammo dropping Skyhammers with 0 English comprehension or self-centered ignoramuses playing Vassili or Phantom the entire match without contributing anything of value towards completing the map objectives being considered toxic, can we?

(Begin2018) #5

“Over 97,000 bans issued in the first 90 days” Then DB will have a negative number of players! Ahahah.

Seriously, this is just another waste of time. There is lots of more important and concrete things to fix in this game…

Kids spamvoting for shuffle is probably the main source of toxicity yes, especially in stopwatch as it ruin the idea of stopwatch itself.


Toxicity comes in many forms. The most obvious form would be verbal abuse or racial abuse against other players. But, I would also consider gameplay sabotage as toxicity, e.g.

  • Team-killing in FF servers (or finding creative ways to team-kill in non-FF servers)
  • Deliberately jumping into friendly artillery strikes or other friendly fire and then punishing the player.

In general, if it’s something that someone has consciously done to make your gameplay experience worse (other than just being a damned good player), then that is something I would consider toxic.

We already do what we can to act on the most extreme cases of toxicity on a case-by-case basis, but if you spot something that you think is worthy of our investigation, then absolutely do feel free to submit a support ticket to us. Be sure to provide their Steam ID if you can, as well as any evidence you may have (screenshots, chat logs, etc.)

Sorry, whilst playing Phantom might be immoral, it certainly isn’t a crime!

(Teflon Love) #7

Agreed. It’s should be a crime to design a merc like Phantom. :wink:

(Begin2018) #8

Vote shuffle in Stopwatch is game sabotage! Especially since auto-shuffle now occurs at the begining of the match.

Otherwise, thank you for the answer, at least it’s more precise than just talking about “toxicity”…

(D'@athi) #9

thinks about some of the ingame v-say-lines…
thinks about the announcer’s voice-lines…
takes the LoL-system into account

hopes they don’t start banning themselves for toxicity someday…