New Dev Video: Our Next Map

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

Want a sneak peak at our next map? Well, you’re in luck.


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(KittyScars) #2

Are these two maps it? Not to seem entitled but we’ve been waiting for this map for over a year. It’s hardly exciting news to have it be released now especially since it has been one of those things that was hyped up. yet that hype slowly died down due to how long this wait is. I know you’re releasing another map but come on. This makes veterans like me feel like this game is going nowhere.

(Nail) #3

awwww, makes veterans like me (pre-closed Alpha) quite pleased

(Szakalot) #4

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Nail again. (three times now)

having one more map, compared to zero new maps is infinitely more maps. i’ll take infinitely more maps any time of the day