New Dev Video: Matchmaking Launch Date

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

We’re launching Casual Matchmaking very, very soon…


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(Raviolay) #2

Well don’t expect the player base to fall off a cliff, you can’t change team when someone drops out for a start. It takes an age for find 4 others then one player is missing just to start the game. So you go through the process again for half the team to drop out, for casual games just leave it as it is (was). And allow players to party up prior to jumping into a casual server that has the space. I want to jump on a game for an hour, not spend half of it in menus when I play. Leave all the partying and drawn out waiting for a full team for comp FFS.

(Cankor) #3

Hoping this works out. I like the concept. So far haven’t had issues getting in a match in just a couple minutes (but playing in NA at 8:00PM too, so…).
Also, I like the 6v6 and less spam. Seems like the perfect size.

I guess when someone drops they aren’t replaced? That part seems odd. Even if they are trying to get everyone into games from the beginning, if it’s unbalanced because of missing players the holes should be filled. Maybe stick you in to plug a hole 1 for 4 games or something like that?

I think it’s smart they did this when releasing Javelin, should be more players to get it going/give it a chance.

(Runeforce) #4

It seems like half the time they are, the other, they are not. :confused:

(montheponies) #5

I have no idea why this is considered a good move. Queuing for one single round on Objective when the playerbase is so small that wait times are relatively high and skill levels all over the place? No backfilling of players leaving games a total joke. I get the idea of differentiating between SW and Obj but this isn’t how to do it, feels like in your rush for ‘simplifying’ the UI you just decided to forget about player experience.

As a suggestion I’d have three routes into a game;

  • Quick join - with SW and Obj selectable, with backfilling etc allowed, literally only concern is getting into a game quick.
  • Casual matchmaking - only SW. FF OFF, 6v6 with backfilling allowed.
  • Ranked matchmaking - only SW. FF ON. 5v5, no backfilling allowed.

If someone can provide a coherent argument for matchmaking to play one round of a game, which could be over quicker than the wait time - please let me know as my main reason has always been to blast through the maps, which is why the whole end game credits and new game selection, lobby crap just does my head in - spend time cutting out the crap and streamline it so folk get to play the game…

(bontsa) #6

Your second main point here seems to be “lack of backfilling”, when in reality there is backfilling. All it needs at most is value changes to be faster and greedier with grabbing replacements.

(Mustang) #7

I find backfilling to be a little hit and miss.

Most games if someone leaves mid-game and they are replaced within 30 seconds.

However I’ve also seen a game (or maybe two) where the match started 5v6 and no-one else was ever inserted.

So this might be a bug with them leaving at the incorrect time and the backfiller not noticing, or it might (as bontsa said) be an issue of greediness.

(montheponies) #8

I’ve not noticed backfilling working at all - but to be fair that’s mebbe a lack of me playing rounds. Main points still stand,

(prophett) #9

Objective mode is awful. Implement CMM for SW.