New Dev Video: Inner Meme

(RazielWarmonic) #1

(Blubehriluv) #2

In this update can you set us up the bomb?

Nothing can go wrong with memes :*)

(Dieu-Sama) #3

it sounds . . . very very very uninteresting

(BomBaKlaK) #4

Only Boring trinkets …

(warmKeyboard) #5

any Date for the Update and runtime of the event yet?

(bontsa) #6

No one else really getting this one? :<

But granted, looks like a bit boring event but hey, we least got something. I’d had been happy without anything tbh. This event didn’t seem like requiring that much manhours to design which much more possibly are used in something else. I welcome that wholeheartedly, rather have more resources churned to more meaningful content than events.

(El_padre_) #7

when is the date of the event?

(Your worst knifemare.) #8

Another nice thing is that we get to chose what the commander says.
Example: Deliver some presents to the pump controls (attacking underground)

Im also happy with the trinkets as long as none of them end up being coaly with a santa hat.

(PeterComputer) #9

Please let there be a Doge trinket.

(generousMinx) #10

Could someone tell me why there hasn’t been any special cards since May?

(BomBaKlaK) #11

Announcer voice : “Let’s play pingpong !”

(El_padre_) #12

generousMinx -> idk why :confused: i think it’s good if all the 2 month they add new skin card edition special,i play since jun 2016 and i have 0 special card i hope for christmas new card but No…

(AKULA) #13

lame as fk no balance changes…

(warmKeyboard) #14

jep because they wanted to fix the game (bug fixes, general issues etc.) first before getting busy into Events…

(MilkyBear) #15


(cakeblock941) #16

Wow, no special skins. Can’t say I’m too happy, but trinkets will do as long as there’ll be something to make up for it soons[/s].

(warmKeyboard) #17

I like it, because last christmas it was so hard to get any card at all… i hope it’s now more like collecting than be happy you’ll get anything at all… I hope for the next event in a few months there will be new skins and maybe the’ll start up a new loadout version (no. 3)… Never the less keep on working on the performance and maybe matchmaking in Quickplay because dropping into empty servers is not that fun…keep on beeing dirty!

(Blubehriluv) #18

You got what you wanted :wink: