New Dev Video: Back in the Saddle

(Chris Mullins) #1

We’re back in the saddle with a new website and enjoying the view.


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(Nail) #2

The Nexon forums just disappearing will likely freak a bunch of people out, cool

(Chris Mullins) #3

Forums still available here:


(Nail) #4

yes, i know
the link I used to get to the nexon forums before, now brings a 404

(dlux) #5

Is this going to be the new forums?

(Mustang) #6

They could at least give you a 301.

(Nail) #7

also, seems all internal thread links will be borked as well as they still have the format

(ttownjoe) #8

i always get banned on nexon forums due to a specific moderators personal immature attacks and harassment on me, i have never once violated a forum rule and always behave professionally. Another win for cutting the cord with the folks at nexon!

(Nail) #9

I’d suggest an attitude adjustment

(bontsa) #10

I’d suggest an attitude adjustment[/QUOTE]

Highly suggesting same, if even Nail didn’t get banned from Nexon forums for the style of responses he sometimes smites around, you, ttownjoe “being banned despite behaving “professionally”” is a big pile of bullcrap :smiley:

(Mustang) #11

Play nice kids.

(ASD) #12

[QUOTE=Mustang;561885]Play nice kids.


no it says: play dirty!

(Kcrash97) #13

I can not even post on the forums… lol

(Nail) #14

try sign in with same as you use here