New Dev Video: All Mercs Free Event

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

We’re having a Free Merc Weekend! It’s time to fill your squad.


All Mercs Free Event - Times and Dates:

  • [li]London (GMT, UTC): 18:00 Thursday, Feb 23 - 11:00 Monday, Feb 27[/li][li]Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-8): 10:00 AM Thursday, Feb 23 - 3:00 AM Monday, Feb 27[/li][li]Sydney (AEST+1, UTC+11): 5:00 AM Friday, February 24 - 10:00 PM Monday, Feb 27

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(danu_db) #2

Hey my dude you ate the T at the end there :stuck_out_tongue: