New Dev Video: 1.0 Next Week

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

So Dirty Bomb 1.0 is releasing next week. And there’s something happening with Execution…

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(Chris Mullins) #2

(Sparkinson) #3

Why not remove the crap before 1.0 release? EV bug, Phantom/katana, Hunter, Guardian…

(Meetrock) #4

They probably gonna fix some bugs with the 1.0, it’s just these bugs aren’t really that important to mention in a video. The release notes will surely cover some bugs, maybe not all, but at least some will get fixed.

(PorkyPerson) #5

It’s just too bad that you’re going out of beta while the matches are still one-sided 90% of the time. If there were even two tiers for casual play it would go a long way. Low level servers might work.

Optimistically if you triple the players you should get fewer stacked matches, but I think the root of it is that you guys still don’t seem to have a good metric to rank people for casual play. Maybe FaceIt play will be better.

Shuffle/restart votes almost never go through, because it’s easy for the vote to come too early or too late. Restarts shouldn’t wipe XP and restart should be “shuffle and restart.” It seems like it might already shuffle, but I didn’t see if the last time it autoshuffled or people manually switched.

(kopyright) #6

Beta rewards, FACEIT weapon skins, Execution coming back to community servers… me likey!

Well, not going out of beta sure won’t bring enough new players to the table to balance matches…

(Zolerox) #7

No mention for steam trading?.

And looking good there shoe.

(HELGA_bunga) #8

omg guardian is so crap she forces me to use a gun :baby:

(fzl) #9


what is with our loadout cards…weapon cards…credits.founder loadouts…rads etc…?

they going 1on1 with our account into 1.0 ???

i dont collect this shit over 4 years and then its all gone…!

greetz fuzzel

(Oxayotl) #10

Ya mon. No change. Just the small “beta” written everywhere that will vanish + (hopefully) ad/communication campaign.

(JShug07) #11

Can someone please tell me the exact date of 1.0? is it going to be this Wednesday?

(DarkangelUK) #12

There’s no official date, just “this week” sometime (hopefully…)

(Oxayotl) #13