New and Improved Customer Support

(MissMurder) #1

Exciting news – we are back online with a new and improved Nexon America Support Center!

Simply go to and once you’re there you can:

• Read our knowledgebase articles
• Open a support ticket by logging in with your Nexon ID and clicking on “Submit A Request.” (you must have a Nexon ID to do this.)
• Chat live with a customer service representative (must be logged in to chat)*

The tickets you create and articles you follow can be easily accessed by clicking the down arrow next to your login name and selecting “My activities.”

We hope you enjoy the new support site!

*Customer Service Live Chat Hours (Pacific Time):
Monday – Friday 10 am/5 pm UTC until 5 pm/12 am UTC
Saturday – Sunday 1 pm/8 pm UTC until 5 pm/ 12 am UTC
Ban Appeals over live chat available only on Wednesdays and Thursdays

(SchwaD) #2

your link is wrong, this one is the right one:

(GM-Radrodo) #3

Fixed thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

(groovySound) #4

It might by new, but it’s hardly improved. I waited 12 hours for a reply to a problem only to receive a boilerplate response that wasn’t really relevant to the issue.

(Zita) #5

@MissMurder I cant sign in at all. I get redirected to

And all the page shows is {“error”:{“code”:“401”,“type”:“Unauthorized”,“message”:“Unauthorized”}}

So there is no way I can use the chat or put a Ticket In

(sapphireYaw) #6

how to fix sign in issue when launching

(adorableLatch) #7

Would it be too much to ask for to get an e-mail confirmation that our support ticket has been received? I’ve never seen this; I sent in a support ticket for the “Sign in could not be completed” error, and didn’t even get an automated e-mail response acknowledging my support ticket’s receipt…

(SatanicUnicorn) #8


(vividAsteroid) #9

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(grimPositron) #10

hi, after the update i cant signt in when ever i try it says that dirtybomb is temperaely unavaileble, pls help if you know the solution

(Try4lif3) #11

When I start the game it says sign in could not be completed. please help