Need a team! Any help is appreciated.

(Despaniard) #1

Hello! I’m assuming that because you are reading this you are interested in forming a team with me or have a team that you think could benefit from me.

I am proficient with Phantom and Rhino, having played both extensively though I am told that my phantom is much better. I can’t really tell the difference since with both I win games. I am searching for a team that would want to train with almost professional standards such as for example the former WAR clan but that is up to the team. I will no complain or berate anyone since I am not the team captain. I look forward to joining your clan and will enjoy playing with new people.

(flem17740) #2

Hey, I have been playing this game for a while now. I would like to create a Dirty Bomb team and I’m searching for players. For now, this team will only be for chill competitive matches (tournaments can be considered in the future).

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to add me on steam.

(NateOlson) #3

You should also take a look at my steam group :slight_smile:

(Despaniard) #4

My apologies for the slow replies, @flem17740 and @NateOlson. I am most interested in C-Cor so I’ll see myself to your ranks.