Nader vs Fletcher

(ZeroFactor) #1

So I finally reached 50k in order to get a area denial/aoe merc and was going to go for nader. But then I tried Fletcher in the free weekend and now I am starting to have my doubts

So in general, which merc would you choose for what?

(mirthfulPicture) #2

Nader, she is an assault merc so her killing power should stay high regardless of future balancing. Fletcher is an engineer so the killing power he currently has might not last.

(ZeroFactor) #3

Hmm, what about as of now?

(Eox) #4

Do you need an engineer ?

If you do, take Fletcher. If you don’t, pick Nader. It’s as simple as that.


Easy pick the best assault.
good hp, good speed (better than others of his hp level)
Salt cannon otherwise know as shotguns
Salt bomb that otudamage All assault mercs. in a short cooldown tha tyou can even airburst wihtotu premediatated cooking!

(Apofenas) #6

Fletcher’s primary are shotguns and Blishlock, Nader’s primary are Crotzni, SMG-9 and Hochfir. Machine pistols were nerfed quite a bit, but an advantage to Fletcher.

Nader’s ability is better in terms of fire power, even though it was nerfed in last patch. I’m not sure, but she also might have better augments. Overall Nader is a stronger merc. Fletcher is an engineer however.


@Apofenas HHAHAHAHAH! oh man funny, everybody knows fletche ris the best assault merc

(SzGamer227) #8

Fletcher is a helluva lot of fun to use if you like close quarters combat, and he’s able to play objectives and keep the team moving, which is also a plus.

Nader has got sheer firepower. She’s really good at harassing enemies from a distance and can use her ability to damage objectives as well… basically she’s good at keeping the other team from moving. :smiley:

As for me, Fletcher is basically my default merc. I like his versatility and I find his abilities useful for a wide variety of maps, whereas I sometimes swap out Nader for Fragger or Stoker depending on the map I’m playing on.

(ZeroFactor) #9

Well, considering I already have proxy as an engineer and have no proper assault merc, i think ill get nader

(Sorotia) #10

I personally prefer Nader, but if you can master tossing around his bombs he is devastating. Fletcher is on rotation so why don’t you try him out and see how he is?

(MrSoUndso) #11

Fletcher is good, but you need some training

(RedBeard) #12

Fletcher IS Better now.

(Mr-Penguin) #13

He’s more versatile.

(GregHouseMD) #14

Just like others have said, it depends on what you need. A direct comparison isn’t really possible ( or at least fair ), as they are quite different. Nader is my personal taste only.

(FALCON_OnFire) #15

@ZeroFactor so what did u buy :3 and pls tell me if it was a good choice.

(Eox) #16

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