N.w.O: New World Order

(LightningV) #1

If your looking for a serious clan that has fun, background in competitions, tournaments, and strong teamwork, then tryout N.w.O. In order to join you must meet these qualifications during tryouts:

1.) Must be team oriented, goal oriented & RESPECT for teammates/ other clans.

2.) Must excel at all classes and or be proficient in 2 certain classes.

3.) Background in tournaments, competitions and or challenge events.

4.) Availability on both weekdays after 5 p.m. EST and or weekends.

5.) Must have a Mic, be proficient in typing fast messages during combat & MUST be above the age of 16; unless shown qualifications.

If interested clan members/ recruit’s names will be updated on this topic every week or on the Brink Clan site. Tryouts will be held Friday, Saturday & Sunday between 5p.m. to 10 p.m. If unable to make it to tryouts NO WORRIES, message WhiteV or Red_Moses on PSN to set up tryouts appropriate to your schedule. Adios! :cool:

Clan Members:

Leader: WhiteV
Officer: Red_Moses
Officer: Oz70nyc
Officer: Monogenes1
Member: DarkChaos-
Member: xGTSHOTTAx
Member: SSBiznitch
Member: CrowHogan1021
Member: Nitro-Gamer33
Member: WillofSteel1982
Recruit: Zigie
Recruit: AnimeChris3
Recruit: GamerDUD3


(LightningV) #2

Currently need to fill 4 more slots so we can start matchmaking/tournaments, if interested in clan contact either of the members displayed up above.^

(LightningV) #3

We have signed up for 3 challenges right now and are recruiting for more clan members, if you fall under the requirements above your more then welcome to join

(LightningV) #4

Just an update on what’s going on with the clan:

1.) Clan site is finally up and running thanks to DarkChaos-, so if your a member of the clan or looking forward to trying out for the clan you’re more than welcome to apply. http://nwo.spruz.com/
2.) Clan currently has 13 members and is growing.
3.) We will try to have at least 1-2 Ladder matches every week and 1-2 Tournament matches a week as soon as the ‘Spring Event Challenge’ pops up.
4.) Clan meeting tonight @ 8:00 p.m. EST for discussion/ practice before match with ‘Goon Mob’.

(LightningV) #5

Just giving a quick update: NwO:New World Order has changed it’s clan name to ‘aWo:Ascending World Order’. And if you are interested in joining drop by on our facebook page or send friend requests. to our members.

Clan Officers:

•THISfuggnGUY (formerly) Mic-lesswonder