My personal problems with hunter

(HadronZodiac) #1

K so ima just say this here and now, im not that good at leading my targets with the arrow XD

But seriously these are some (as objective as i can make) problems i have with him

  • The ulus -

You gotta admit the hitbox is just depressing on it. At first i thought, ok just a slightly worse stilleto, but after trying to melee a turtle shield base, I can see it’s just terrible. You quite literally need to be right next to a big merc in order to hit them, i don’t even bother pulling them out unless i need to get to a space quickly.

  • The Emp -

I admit, not bad, able to consistently shut down enemy deployables. Although my only problem is the weird range on it, shooting it right next to an aura station sometimes doesn’t emp it.

  • Guardian Counter -

Imo, it stopping normal arrows is just unfair. He can only use secondaries, and his crossbow is basically his primary, which gets neutralized by shield? I could understand it stopping the emp bolt, pushing people to use phantom, but it stopping normal bolts is just annoying, and you cant do much unless you have your team take it down or wait until it goes down itself.

  • Crossbow (scoped) -

Tbh I think it’s a tiny bit slow, having to lead so much to get a hit just aggravating, it should at least speed up the more charged it is to punish arrow spam.

  • Crossbow -

The spread is just too high. I shouldn’t have to wait a second and a half to have the spread go down enough for the arrow to hit something again. Damage is fine imo as long as spread is reduced.

  • Spotting -

We can all agree the spot is just way too short to be useful. Also, not much of a game changer, but exp for spot should be increased by 5 or 10. With vassili, redeye, and aimee, it’s super easy to spot, AND you get lots of exp for doing so. However with hunter you first need line of sight, then you need to land a shot. Unlike redeye who can just press q for a sec to spot them.

Hunter, all in all, isn’t that bad of a merc, but could definitely be improved.