My opinion on the ready shuffle

(Freadanator) #1

So, I’ve been playing around with the new ready shuffle feature and I have some pretty strong opinions about it. But I dunno if this is just me or not so common things so I just want to ask in general what people think about it while putting in my two cents.

My main complaint is the team balance; from my experience I’ve been in a lot of games that I HAVE to carry my team. Like it’s nuts really. There’s very few games that is actually balanced to be fun and it’s pretty tiring. Normally I can only play a few games before I’m actually worn out because I’m doing literally everything almost every time.

Besides that there is no complaints and it seems to work as intended. To try and even out the teams. And I’m not trying to brag of my skill either because it’s giving me teams that I can usually carry as well it seems. But once it comes to more complex goals then I get stuck because nearly everyone is clueless and/or is trying to play CoD in DB.

Has other people noticed this or is it just me?

(kittz0r) #2

No. Players are Bad, they resist to improve and are happy with 2 Kills in 20 Minutes.

Shuffle is just a Reward for Players who dont want to play Db (like no engineer etc) and molest the players who actually can get kills etc.

(Teflon Love) #3

The only advise I can give you is to embrace the madness on the official free-for-all servers and play “pistol mostly” Aimee headless chicken style.


Balance has been the same for me, you’re probably just unlucky. No reason it would be worse. If anything it should be better now that matches don’t start as 5v2

(Freadanator) #5

Been there done that but that means I’ll always lose. I need all the credits I can get right now as I’m trying to make more cobalt cards.

(Szakalot) #6

the fact that you have to carry indicates that balance works: it knows you are good and is trying to compensate.

Main problem as always is the large range of skill on a single server.

Solution? only play on minlvl servers

(Kirays) #7

You are not alone. Truth to be told the majority of players are awful at the game and aren’t a big help at all, sometimes even detrimental to you and the rest of your team. It’s just something you have to keep in mind when playing.

(Freadanator) #8

Yeah, thought so… Oh well. Here’s hoping that they will learn and they figure out how to play the game… I even had do go out of my way to tell another player to not copy me because they sucked at trying to melee today.

I would if the min level servers saw any action in my area. TnT

(Szakalot) #9

as harsh as it sounds, if youre not prepared to start an empty minlvl server with a buddy or two, how would you expect anyone else to?

it comes down to how much you care about a better game