My issue with Kicking

(HOFleek) #1

So I joined a game in the server browser and was just trying to play a merc I don’t play often which was Vassili. The team says we don’t need a sniper, and when I was about to switch mercs they vote kick me out of the game. I was even SECOND ON THE TEAM LEADERBOARDS TOO. When I tried to rejoin I was hereby banned from the lobby as a whole. Why is that a thing? How is that even fair that you get kicked and server banned just for trying to have fun playing ONE merc that I don’t even play all that much. Are you ing serious? That’s complete bull

(alphabeta) #2

Because this is a team based game, people often forget that IT IS A GAME. And that sometimes people just want to have fun, and shoot things. I have had similar kick votes occur to me when I am trying out a merc that I don’t often play (and therefore am not very good or useful to the team). Great that people are so passionate about working together to win, sad that it becomes such an all consuming obsession. Don’t take it personally; the game is filled with people from all walks of society and therefore the rage and flaming is consistent with only a small percentage.

(HOFleek) #3

I guess when you say it in that way, I shouldn’t take it too personally huh. Still its pretty aggravating when it’s the high level players that vote for the kicks. They kick out the low level newbies even though they’re literally new and just trying out the game, and pretty much for the same reason of just trying to play a merc. -.- great community we have here huh. Still I respect that they want to win. Just the way they go about it is pretty infuriating, and mean

(alphabeta) #4

We were all noobs once.

(Chronicler) #5

Two things though.

  1. I’ve only seen this when there was tons of snipers on the same team, like half the team or so.

  2. Also remember there are servers for low lvl players which high lvls can’t join.

But yeah, sometimes it’s a problem.