My complain about Objective mode

(Caitlyn_Dariawren) #1

With slighty over 200 hour in DB there is still one thing that frustrates me more than anything, not knowing which side you’re on in objective mode until too late. For example, if you’re defendind on bridge Aura is the go-to medic, since a well placed healing station can determine the match. But what if you end up with her on attack? What if you’ve brought a skyhammer thinking you would be on defence and end up with his airstrike only being used as a weak grenade (unless the enemy is brain-dead and goes out in the open). I tend to go with a balanced mechanic-medic-heavy (by heavy mercs i mean mercs who are good at killing with their primary, like Skyhammer, Kira, Arty, Fragger, Nadder, Stoker, Rhino and Thunder), so i can’t afford to take (for example) 2 medics just so one of them will be useful. It’s not a major gameplay issue, it’s just annoying.

(frostyvampire) #2

I know, it sucks.
In Stopwatch we get to see our side even though it’s useless because after half-time we switch sides but in obj there is no switch and we still can’t see the side

(XavienX) #3

The lobby menu needs to do a better job in showing who’s on attacking and defending really.

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

If you are in the lobby, if you are on the top half of the player list you are on offense, and the bottom for defense.

(cakeblock941) #5

But the merc-menu locks before you can see which side you’re on, doesn’t it?

(Kudrow) #6

Hello everyone,
I agree with you guys. Something should be undertaken in that matters. Picking up mercs is defined by side on which you play. It would be a lot easier to pick merc if we would know if we are on attack or defense side.

Inform: @RazielWarmonic @stayfreshshoe

(jubilantManatee) #7

I like the random aspect of objective.

Thay way people cannot stack all the OP mercs based on map.

It also helps you branch out and try different mercs. Quit being Aura for 10 minutes.