Mumble crosshair redefined - Dirty Bomb UI Crafting, crosshairs and interface edits with GIMP

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Since it’s already burried on Reddit, i repost it on the forums aswell.

Mumble crosshairs seem to be a thing in DB. and apparently you can create anything you like as UI-mask!
Afaik the devs allow custom mumble crosshairs atm, the general consensus is that it doesn’t add a noticable advantage. But let’s wait and see what i have to show you…

I followed this tutorial:
It’s explained pretty simple and it works like a charm.

While you can create any crosshair you like, you can actually edit the WHOLE interface to your liking! In Combination with The HUD Configurator ( ) you can create amazing customizations with your pixelart skills.

All you need is a drawing program, i use GIMP, and a blank native resolution alpha mask layer which you can put ontop of an ingame screenshot to match the UI positions.

Here two of the crosshairs i created and use:

  • Note that i added a blank pixelline to left and top, if i don’t do this the crosshair will be offset by 1 pixel, unless you embed it into a native resolution layer (Not 100% sure on this one yet), where it’s not necessary.

See this picture with my first Testbuild of a pixelart interface mask for Dirty Bomb’s Sparks (1920*1080).

direct Comparison to DB look:

_But it’s not over yet, we know that Stoker is coming soon, why not have a fitting Stoker/Pyro UI to go with it?

Or how would DB look like when we had to fight in a totally hazardous environment with radioactive Dust all around us?

B-B-B-Bloody Screen… SO REAL!

You don’t like the color tone of DB? You just fill an additional layer with your desired color like feint red for warmer colors or blue for a slightly cooler tone, or any other color you desire. It’s basically a cheap version of SweetFX.

Here a picture with a tint of red, blue and sepia:

The whole mumble crosshair can be updated in realtime, that means you can have GIMP open with your interface project and update it on the fly and then look into the game how it looks in motion. You just have to export and replace it with your current ‘crosshair.png’
I always join a map solo via console with ‘switchlevel OBJ_Bridge’ and then switch to the desired merc i edit (in this case Sparks) ‘set SGPlayerReplicationInfo m_SlotArcheTypes Medic_04_Gameplay.Pawns.A_Medic_04’

I know i am testing the limits here and you can really go CRAZY on this one if you like and have the artistic skill.
There is a small gaming gem named ‘Soldat’, which also had the possibility to edit the whole UI, characters, weapons, etc… via pixelart. I would love to see what people are able to come up with, may it be crazy or just a small visual upgrade to the UI or even a specific Merc or maybe just small changes to underline the minimalistic hud of Dirty Bomb!

For the people who are interested i compiled my current progress in this small package for you to test out. It includes my 2 crosshairs, the Sparks full UI and the GIMP project file for you to experiment with.

I hope this was of use to you and maybe we see some crazy UI customization, if some artsy folk are up to the task.

Thanks for reading!

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OHOHO I likely.

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Hey if you are still there do you mind posting a different download link? I can’t seem to get it.

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Nice! This is good to know!

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So do you disable the HUD in-game and all that is overlay?

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Interesting guide, I like the color filter part especially as that can help colorblind folks. However as far as a cross-hair in the middle, I like the old school method, sharpie dot on a clear piece of scotch tap in the center :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you help me with the red blue sepia tint please i really need it