Multiplayer servers bugged?

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My kid asked me to one v one hims untill if and when people joined us and every time we selected a map it was different than the one we selected. Castle gave us trainyard and bridge gave use gallery those only two we used i had to get ready for work in the morning so we didnt pla an more maps.

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I have had something similar. Usually you vote for a map then they all go grey instead of the winning map being in colour. Then instead of the winning map it goes to a default map. The same default map each time.

What I found caused this was that there are too many maps in the pool. Looks like from what you have said is that you have both obj and exe maps on your server now. To fix this issue you must have no more than 11 maps in the rotation. ie delete one from the rotation all obj + all exe maps = 12 maps…YOU MUST HAVE 11 or less maps or this bug will occur.

Since this bug has occurred you may need to start a new config, sometimes once a config is bugged it will stay bugged. On my Multiplay server I went through about 15 configs. When I got it to work I would duplicate the config so would have a back up to fall back on. I found with Multiplay a simple restart can cause a bug.

Hope this helps.

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I think i had the same in the beginnig of mulitplay servers…
its long time ago but i have big dejavue!!

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I could leave it as is and rename the server “to db map rulet” where the map u play is completely random

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