Multiplayer Scripting


Hi, novice programmer getting into RtCW multiplayer map making and scripting. I do a fair amount of 3D modeling professionally so the map making part is coming along fine. However, I only have an amateur level of self-taught programming knowledge.

I’ve read through a lot of the source code but just don’t understand C++ enough to fully understand. Is there documentation regarding the full list of available functions, and corresponding syntax, for use in scripting?

Specifically, I’m starting with a 1v1 dual map and wanted to add functionality to add 50hp and 1/4 stamina to a player when they kill somebody so that it doesn’t just turn into the scenario of where after 1 kill, it’s a full hp respawn with spawn shield against a 40hp weakened player. There should be some reward for going on a kill streak.

For the record, I have reviewed the scripting files of base, beach, assault, and many other well done custom maps to learn as much as possible and they have been very helpful. However, if an existing map doesn’t have an example of what I’m trying to do I can’t orogress further.


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Hello, @jameslewan. Nice to see more interest in Rtcw MP, as most mappers/modders in the community make content for either Rtcw SP or Wolf ET.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the source code side of things. I only know some mapping for Rtcw SP, you see. However, maybe WolfETPlayer could help you, as he knows a lot about the source code. I haven’t heard anything from him in a while, but you can try contacting him here:

Note that you’ll need an account there, if you don’t have one already, before you can message him. Good luck. :smile: