Multiplay shutting down community servers

(Mc1412013) #1

@Moobabe @Smooth are we getting new options for servers u dont want to have exe servers and we cant host our own.

(ASD) #2


I was not verry happy with this monopol muliplay had with the DB servers… and here is one more reason why!

now this dead game need to die one more time!
SD give us the ded servers … PLS!


(Mc1412013) #3

Why are u even here if u want game dead dont play dont post

(Nail) #4

@ ASD, see where it says they’re keeping DEDICATED SERVERS
We now pass the baton onto the studios and will focus all of our attention on ensuring you get the best gaming experience via official dedicated servers.

I realize you’re asking for server binaries to be released, but improper usage of technical terms is one of the things that annoys the F out of me and Mc1412013, sober up before you post any more drivel

(Mc1412013) #5

Smooth just made an official response over on redit saying there looking into alternatives but wouldnt hold my breath though if they are legitamately going to make an effort to give us new options i wondwr if it will push patch back to include there sloution

(ASD) #6

I dont like its dieing… but what do you expect from this bugy game with no dev and now also no servers…

i realy would like to see ded servers but I asked for this since 3 years… I dont expect to get some now

and yes i complain alot about all the things that dont work because i play the game and i like it and i want it better!

(jemstar) #7

There goes my plan of hosting the only DB server well into 2025!

Makes me sad and angry…The lovely small but passionate group of peeps that love this game get another kick in the face!

(Mc1412013) #8

Make sure u check email and get your server migrated over to an official server i already sent request as i seem to have the most used exe server

(jemstar) #9

Ok, so they are they are offering free ded servers, but they are in control…Why not charge us for a ded server thet we can run??? Seems weird to me?

(Mustang) #10

I really thought we’d get the source code after development winded down, or at least server binaries, I still keep my fingers crossed.

Although only 1 year from Multiplay is a complete joke, make it 10 and maybe. Also that Google Trends thing is utter rubbish, how are we supposed to host servers without binaries, and no, paying the Multiplay inflated prices doesn’t count.

(Smooth) #11

As mentioned above, Multiplay are going to keep the current servers up and running while they’re still used / until the end of 2019. Beyond that we’re looking into other feasible options for hosting servers.

(Mc1412013) #12

please dont take the wrong way but Are guys realy going to make an effort or just a p.r. statement in hopes we forget. You guys say alot then either dont follow through or change your minds. Every time we turn around more and more servers are being pulled offline and now we as a comunity cant get servers to support the game.

You guys dont want official exe servers so i rent only for this mode and and its not alway in use but when it does get used the server fills up so there are still plenty of us that use it

(Mc1412013) #13

An update if any one wants to be updated about server shut down

(B_Montiel) #14

Those feasible options are quite obvious unless you jerked everything surrounding a strong UE3 basis.

Not getting server binaries or at least minimal server parameters available is far beyond my understanding, especially considering you surely were aware the game was getting dropped off after september 2018.

I’m not even talking about source code or even some solutions to create maps from a rough UE3 SDK system.

Now, back into hibernation playing stupid games, unless this event forces you to bring something interesting on the table.