Mortal Kombat X

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I’ve already talked enough about my opinion on brutality in games, specifically in MKX, so I think I simply have to cope with it and let the hype train roll from now on :smiley:

It’s not much more than one month left until that game comes out and as I’ve already said, I’ll definitelly buy me the suppa-duppa-ueber edition of it. But I’m still not sure about the system on which I’m gonna be playing it.

-the PS3 would make sense, because I prefer to play all my fighting games on console, especially for the offline play.

-the PC would make sense because of the better graphics it would give me, but I would’ve to unplug and plug in my arcade stick all the time, in order to play my fighting games on two different systems. That’s ofc just a minor issue, but also part of my decission making.

-the third, and most expensive, but at the same time most convenient, choice would be to buy me a PS4, since the upcoming Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 will also come out on that system; yet that would mean to buy me a PS4, a PS4 compatible arcade stick and ofc the game itself, which would be a little hefty to say the least.

Sooner or later I would’ve to grab me a PS4, but at the moment the mere thought of buying one gives me stomach cramps and my blood pressure rises above top level. But I fear, that deep in myself I’ve already decided to go for that darn thing. Maybe I can find a reasonable priced bare bones model in the net.


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Kinda feel like fighting games are old hat now :confused: I mean, graphics get better and better, but it still doesn’t feel like hugely different from mortal kombat 4 to mk x. I dunno, i just got bored of them.

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This fan made soundtrack to the upcoming MKX gave me goosebumps. It’s f*****g epic, super dark and super grim.

Direct download link:

Interpretation of the “Who’s Next?” character inroduction theme.


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“Family is everything” they say.


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After they’ve announced, that the PS3 and 360 versions of MKX will be delayed until June, I’ve decided to go for the PS4 version instead; which means, that I would’ve to get me a PS4 first. And for that matter I’ve ordered me a PS4+Bloodborne bundle, since that game looks inspiringly fantastic as well.

PS: The Order:1886 on the other hand looks great, but more in a pseudo realistic/alternate reality kinda way, whereas Bloodborne is all out dark fantasy and therefore something that doesn’t just look cool to me, but has the potential to make me fall in love with it, just like I did with Capullo era’s Spawn. I just connect with super dark, yet detailed and lovingly crafted pieces of entertainement. Usually I’m more into dark-fi/tech-noir, but Bloodborne is one of those exceptions from the “rule”. From what I’ve seen so far this game could almost be a “Curse of the Spawn” game(aesthetically!), it at least comes close enough to constantly remind me of the whole Spawn franchise. Idk, maybe I just want to see it like that. But whatever, let’s go and enjoy the vids folks.

The first vid shows the middle part of MKX’s first story-mode chapter and the later one a bit of Bloodborne’s gameplay.

Mortal Kombat X - Story Mode Gameplay Chapter 1 (Johnny Cage)


Sorry for going off topic so quickly, but you guys know me :wink: I’ll definitely open a seperate topic for that game.
Bloodborne Gameplay [Alpha Test]


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By now I had around 500 online matches and I just love this game. Below is my first combo video ever. It was directly captured and uploaded by my PS4/PSN and slightly edited on YT. I’m pretty proud of it; doing kombos is almost like a game mode in itself, even though there are neither rules, nor goals, except for those you’d set for yourself; it’s very rewarding, almost like landing a trick with a skateboard, or snowboard, etc.

PS: Notice how, due to damage scaling, the hits almost don’t do any damage anymore after the 10th hit.


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Mortal Kombat was my favourite game series :slight_smile: I used to play it everyday :slight_smile: