(alphabeta) #1

It would be nice if we could buy (i.e. spend real money) to get XP boosters now that everything can be bought with XP. What do you think SD? Would you like some of our money?

(DarkangelUK) #2

They just removed any and all monetization, they won’t be adding it back again. I also suspect you mean credit boosters and not xp boosters? Credit earn rate was also increased when monetization was removed.

(Press E) #3

At that point you might as well just add rads back in to directly buy things, instead of buying things that reduce grind slightly.

But yeah, they’ve already decided they want DB to be free. I guess cause not a lot of players are going to wanna spend money on a dying game, and having the good PR of a completely free game is worth more to SD. You want customers to respect you so they’re more likely to buy future products and all