missions not working until you leave the server and come back

(CodeAlpha) #1

Type of Bug: Mission bug
Description: I had an empty 3 slots waiting for missions to reset. The missions reset while i was in a match but after leaving an hour later the missions had not moved even 1%. I was doing the right things to complete missions. So in short the missions reset while i was in a match but i had to leave the server and go back before any progress would show.

Steps to reproduce: Be in a match when missions reset then don’t leave and the missions will not progress. I.e you had bushwhacker in your squad and when missions reset you got obj exp mission. you did the obj planted and so fourth but after leaving a game an hour after missions reset the progress on obj mode exp had not moved. so once missions reset you need to leave and join back for them to register as working. This has never happened before new ui.

Result: Missions do not get completed even when filling the requirement unless you leave server and join back (after missions reset)

Expected result: To complete missions

Reproduction rate: this has happened twice in the last couple of days/ happened for a second time today