Missions not showing / only getting 2 every 3 hours

(Gazzzza) #1

since the latest update i dont see the missions in the main menu anymore:

Same thing when i click on the steam icon in the menu or game lobby:

The only way to see them is the Match Report after a game:

The other issue is that i only get 2 instead of the normal 3 missions.

I already verified the game files on steam and checked again, uninstalled and redownloaded the game, nothing helped.

(aNi0n) #2

same problem here… :frowning:

started after the small UPDATE of the event boxes.

(enigmaplatypus) #3

same problem. i also had to verify the cache in order to get my ‘shrieks’ to convert to credits :confused:

(rotzleffi) #4

shit, did an extra discussion … sorry its double post :confused:
same problem for me

(Gazzzza) #5

everything works fine again, thx
so this can be closed i guess

(rotzleffi) #6

same to me, now missions are here again