Missing DB

(Your worst knifemare.) #1

Just a thread to talk about what everyone would miss from DB when the servers finally go down.

I’ll start:

  1. Long and Wall jumps.
  2. Destroyable objectives
  3. The feeling of being able to kill as medics.
  4. The Cultist Weeb
  5. Personality of mercs (except Proxy)
  6. Good looking maps that are generally fun to play on.
  7. Killing Proxys
  8. Sparps/Thunder

(Meetrock) #2

Hiding behind that screen in Chapel as skyhammer preparing my airstrike as they repair the EV near the machine gun the hurling in killing as much as I can with my bat when they’re panicing (yes, it works, I once got 3 bats killed and ran away then the EV got disabled).

Revive streak as aura, feels so good.

(Press E) #3

I’ll miss the fact that guns aren’t shit tbh. Almost every other game makes gunplay so restrictive. No reloading while jumping, no shooting with your face right against a wall, etc. The more gunplay is tried to movement the worse it is imo. There are also a few minor details that I love, like how your gunshots sound more “hollow” when you’re on your last few bullets or that reloads are satisfying and can be cancelled part way through to get back to fighting faster if you have the skill to time it right. Hell, just being able to cancel reloads at all is pretty good
But more than that, your bullets actually go where you aim. I don’t understand why this is so rare, so many games have such horrible spread patterns that whether you kill someone is more about RNG, and automatic guns are always useless at range regardless of how good your aim is. Some games even add in predefined spread patterns so you can try to argue that it isn’t RNG but at that point, just get rid of spread. So much better without it.

The movement is pretty good too, including jumps and such. I’m glad DB opted for skill based movement unlike other games where you don’t even get a sprint button.

Merc versatility is great too. Nothing feels better than getting the best K/D as aura.

(Mc1412013) #4

The whole fn game

(V0ren) #5

What if the game stays alive?

(Mc1412013) #6

As far as i know it is they never said it was. Only developement was shutting down. And im assuming there going to cut back on official servers. As long as people play it will stay online.

(Your worst knifemare.) #7

Then good.

(K1X455) #8

I’ll miss Dumb Bugs…


(V0ren) #9

i mean you will i like 3 years, because it wont shutdown before that…

(LifeupOmega) #10

Don’t need the game to die to miss old reviving mechanics which Sparks killed.

(jemstar) #11

Haha I will miss Kira and Arty team wipes!!

Kira Fry up!!

Soz not smart enough to work out how to make video appear in window!

(TerrorLTZ) #12

well after seeing that bad news…

i will be missing the serious tone of the game

the fast pased gameplay

the personality of every merc “don’t let your gun go hungry FEED IT FEEEED IT

the commanders having more life than most of games anouncers “we lost the objective” - “Victory” kind of things instead DB ones just get mad when they lose or being kinda douche when winning.

my man stoker and pineapple giveaway (Fragger)

and being salty because getting obliterated by an unskilled javelin rocket on a corner

discovering new routes by using this fun movement system or escaping death

blowing up proxy mines with 4 dudes on top of them or killing the proxy who used it.

being exited by doing a lucky grenade throw with fragger or wiping a team with skyhammer

(Your worst knifemare.) #13

Looking back I’d also miss triggering Arty, Nader, Fletcher and Fragger mains as Guardy.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #14

Great gunplay
fun abilities
great voice acting and personalities