Missile b4

(eiM) #1

Astonishing 29 months after the last beta release of Missile we are happy that the map has recently made its way back into the competition mappools. Thus, with the feedback gathered, we decided to pick it up again and create an improved Beta 4.
Major changes are listed below and screenshots of all changes are attached. We would love to get as much feedback as possible to get this map into a final stage soon :wink:

connect; password missile

  • changed right allies attack way in first stage
  • enlarged window at flag
  • fixed door problem (2nd stage) by axis now spawning upstairs and having two holes to go to 2nd or 3rd stage
  • moved missile towards the cave
  • reworked broken wall in stage3 because of mg abuse
  • moved the truck to a new area

All screenshots in full scale on ag0n’s FTP

If anyone would like to run a testcup with a few teams and maybe even Library_b3 as second map, please come forward and query my bnc in #reVeal.et or PM me here. I will be leaving for vacation very soon.

Thanks to antman, SPU, Fendah, ag0n, BIacky, YCN-Hosting, Eicher and anyone we forgot.

xeoxis and eiM

(BlAcky) #2

Nice nice! :slight_smile:

(Mateos) #3

When I saw the mail notification from WolfFiles.de YouTube, I was wondering “Why schnoog did a video for a old map?”, then I realised the version was Beta 4, and I’ve come here asap x)

Changelog sounds nice, will try it so see the changes (Especially Truck).

(schnoog) #4

TBH, I`m not good in creating any visual files. The video-maker is StoerFaktoR, All the credit about the map promotion videos is due to him.

(eiM) #5

well the video he uses in his promotion video is just a copy&paste from our initial promotion video, that we created for the beta1 release and published on own3D.tv here:

but I do not really mind :wink: