(Minitage) -- First ever DB Vid! -- HOW CAN THIS BE!? A Dirty CSGO Bomb

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Hello everyone,

I finally finished putting together my first ever dirty bomb video and I really wanted to edit a mini-tage since I haven’t done one for a shooter game in years! I spent a long time on it and a few things could be improved for sure. I need to play around with slow-mo more and record the game LOUDER haha! The title says CSGO because the first two clips are a CSGO highlight, where I shouted something odd … Other than that, enjoy the DB montage :slight_smile:

Any and all feedback is always welcomed on my videos, so don’t feel shy to give me your input!! :smiley:
Thank you,


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This is kinda awkard haha, I’m completely new to this forum, wasn’t aware I can’t post links, if you’re interested just search YouTube for: HOW CAN THIS BE!? A Dirty CSGO Bomb!

Cheers haha,


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Added the link for you

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: sorry I failed at doing it haha!