mic doesnt work in db

(shaftz0r) #1

doesnt matter what i do, wont work at all. works in steam, discord, overwatch, skype ectect. are there settings in the .ini files that might help? its just annoying with all of this ranked play

(shaftz0r) #2

really? nobody? the voip system in this game is woefully broken as it is, but not even a followup?

(DNineD) #3

Right click on your tray notifications icon and see if your mic is enabled, and is currently the default recording device (there could be other devices that are used as default (ie. line-in, mic2, etc)

(shaftz0r) #4

if i were new to computers, that would be valid. as previously stated, it works in everything else, and i know how my hardware devices work :stuck_out_tongue:

(DNineD) #5

Oh well… I guess we’re on the same boat then :stuck_out_tongue:

my mic works on TS3, Discord, Borderlands2, TheDivision, DOOM…

(shaftz0r) #6

yeah weird. im in love with the overwatch system and its something they should seriously look at