[Merc] Weaver

(UncleanMine) #1

Merc name: Weaver
Class: Recon
HP: 100
Speed: 420
Credit Cost: 40,000

Nationality: American (Hawaii)
Sex: Female
Age: 23

Specials: Spider Grenade, Web Trap

Primary: KEK-10
Secondary: Simeon.357
Melee: Koa War Club (Exclusive)

Lore: Weaver never thought she’d make money from studying creepy crawlies, but now she’s become esteemed
amongst the CDA when she helped to develop the sprightly spider robots that survey and defend hard to reach places
personnel can’t access on their own.

About Spider Grenades:
*Spider Grenades can be thrown at either the ground or walls just like Aimee’s Snitch Device.

*As soon as an enemy enters the spider grenade’s vicinity, the grenades will charge towards the enemy and then explodes.

  • An alarming countdown sound will notify any enemies of the spider grenade’s presence once it is activated so they may have a chance to avoid or destroy the grenade before detonation.

*Any spider grenades that are shot at will detonate, causing damage.

  • Spider grenades may also be thrown directly at an enemy, sticking to them like Fletcher’s sticky bomb before detonating.

  • Spider grenades CAN NOT be detonated manually like Fletcher’s sticky bombs.

  • Best augments for spider grenades are Lock-On and Fail-Safe.

About Web Traps:
*Web traps serve as a means of detecting enemies. I got the idea from how struggling bugs caught in a spider’s web alerts the spider to their location.

*Web Trap modules look similar to that Vasilli’s Heartbeat Sensor, however once they are deployed, a series of blue (or red for the enemy version ) electronic grids will spread out across the ground forming a “spider web”.

*Any enemy that sets foot on these webs will be instantly detected and marked on the map.

*The Web Traps also slow down the movement speed of enemy mercs by 75% until they escape from the trap.

*Web Traps are useful in narrow areas, as well as C4 planting locations.

*Best augment for Web Traps is Spotter.

About Koa War Club:

A traditional paddle-style Hawaiian war club with shark teeth woven into it.

Reference Images:

Koa War Club:

Spider Grenade:

Web Trap (I couldn’t really find an image to fit the description but you guys get the point. It’s a huge blue spider web trap made out of the same energy as turtle’s shield)