Merc: Vanessa ------ (a new idea for new merc)

(DK69) #1

Codinome: Vanessa
Class: doctor
HP: 110
Speed: 440
Vanessa is an agent who works for CDA but ended up leaving the agency for unknown reasons, and more years later Vanessa received an offer from an unknown agency that offered a new opportunity with a nice amount of money to work for them on “important” missions.
And this agency gave her a technological outfit that the agency was developing for her, this outfit was docked with 5 drones along with her main being on her back the little drones are responsible for supporting an uprooted ally in combat and how much the main energy drone (HP) for the ally.

Skill 1: Power Generator (HP) / Pressing Q
The HP generated, it sends a radius of energy to recover all HP from the ally leaving 100% (The generator has unlimited energy and is floating in the air and is not equal to that of the Guardian, it can stay for an hour floating by it absorbs energy which is wrapped around it without overheating).
Skill 2: Mini Drones / Pressing E
When activated they go after the downed ally by recharging them with 80% HP, after the drone sent to recharge the ally he returns to the costume to regain energy.

Main Weapon: KEK-10, Blishlok and Timik-47
Secondary weapon: DE .50, Smjüth & Whetsman and MP-400
Melee: Beckhill Combat Knife, Cricket Bat and Stilnotto Stiletto

This is a sketch of the costume and position the drones are in.

(When I was creating Vanessa’s sketch, I was spitting this song [Kokkoku ED Full - Asayake to Nettaigyo [Boku no Lyric no Bouyomi] look for this song if you want)

And to be very clear I do this to spend some time, and give a new idea for a new merc in the game, without having any faith that it will appear in DB. More to distract the head a little

(Splicerrr) #2

This seems like a pretty overpowered medic. Much like phoenixes healing pulse but stationary and heals you like auras healing station but to full health instantly and is indestructible? The mini drones seem like a really cool idea, but it could be shot down by enemies depending how fast they are. She would probably get an smg instead due to her power of a medic. Guardian has a rifle only because she can only revive, not heal. I really like the drawings, they have lots of detail. Amazing stuff!

(Mr-Penguin) #3

Power Generator seems OP as all hell. Instant 100% heal on anybody who walks into it is absurd, and nerfing that gain would essentially make it a Health Station.

If I had to salvage the ability concept, perhaps it should start with only so much healing potential (let’s say 200 HP), and as it heals nearby allies for X HP/sec, that’d drain from the “power” reserve. Once it’s out, the device self-destructs.

Revive drones aren’t a new idea, but if they move at a fairly slow clip and can be shot down by enemies, that’d be balanced enough as long as they also had a maximum range.

EDIT- Unless I’m misinterpreting it, the Power Generator is a drone that follows the merc around, right?

(DK69) #4
  1. The smaller drones can not get too far from the Suit and that’s why Vanessa when he activates them can follow him up to a certain distance, at least 15 to 20 meters from her at max. (I’m not sure of that distance between her and the drones) so that the drones have time back to the costume to recharge, the speed does not know how to explain more would be medium fast not how to say.Sorry
  2. The main drone has a longer healing time than the Aura healing station, and it has a larger field to heal allies in the drone’s field of vision, not limits to how many allies are around the drone heal them all.
    I wanted to add a Self-Defense mode on him that would protect him from the enemy, absorbing all HP from the enemy I was in his field of vision, the outline shows field of view that the drone. It would be very appealing would be very advantageous this self-defense of the drone

(DK69) #5

Vanessa would be Aura 2.0 in Dirty bomb