[MERC] Transplant

(Samniss_Arandeen) #1

‘I’m back for blood. Specifically, yours.’ Transplant, doing his best Breaking Bad impression. Sadly, it doesn’t come across well when you’re a clean-shaven Welshman in a tux.

There once was a time when Transplant lived the good life. Lots of money, lots of women, and quite the reputation as a leading organ-transplant surgeon, with seeming heroics both at home and as a contractor in Queen and Country’s conflict zones. Of course, there always has to be something to ruin the fun eventually.

During a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Transplant found himself under fire, with several dead and dying Royal Marines surrounding him. According to reports of the incident, he seemingly raised the dead Marines as thralls to fight for him using some previously-unknown device. Said device never made it within eyesight of the courts-martial, and Transplant quietly slipped away amid the ensuing controversy.

After the Dirty Bomb attacks, he showed up at his old medical practice, now turned into a battlefield clinic. There were reps from the CDA and Jackal, both with generous sums of money, waiting for him. Now where was this…device?

'Don’t give me this ‘The Healing is not as rewarding as the hurting’ bollocks. The healing is the hurting.’ Transplant pokes fun at another popular FPS

Class: Medic
Health: 140
Speed: 380
Weapons: SMG/Pistol/Knife
On a personal note, this is the second iteration of Abilities that I originally came up with for Druid. Same basic concept, more sci-fi execution this time around.

Primary Ability: Surgical Marker
‘I don’t know about your soul, but your flesh is mine.’
This Ability weapon, equipped by pressing Q, is the weapon by which all of Transplant’s medical abilities are used. It functions as a cross between Sparks’ REVIVR and Arty’s Artillery Designator, and can store up to five “charges”, each on a six-second cooldown.

Surgical Marking
Using the Surgical Marker, Transplant can pick out up to four other players, friend or foe. The marking is like painting an area for artillery as Arty, except picking out specific persons. The duration of this effect is ten seconds if marked from close enough range, but duration falls off over distance, so choose targets carefully. Attempting to mark more than four targets at once will cause your oldest marking to instantly disappear. Marked enemies lose their marking if they or the marking Transplant becomes incapacitated. Each marking consumes one charge on the Surgical Marker.
-If a friendly is marked, half of the damage that friendly takes while marked is transferred to Transplant himself.
-If an enemy is marked, half of the damage that enemy takes while marked is returned to the damage dealer as health.
-Transplants on the same team cannot share a target; however, anyone can simultaneously be marked from both sides. The damage transfer is calculated before the damage reward healing. A Transplant marked by an enemy Transplant will heal the damage dealer for transferred damage.
-A Transplant that marks another friendly Transplant will only transfer damage dealt directly to that Transplant. This stops trains dead in their tracks.

Well, he can use the Surgical Marker as a pair of Defibrillators if he’s close enough, anyway. Each Revive costs a full charge of the Surgical Marker, and is equivalent to a fully-charged Defibs. As a Stimulator, the rate of fire is 30 RPM, or one revive every other second.

Here’s where his medical abilities get really cool. At the cost of all five charges on the Surgical Marker, Transplant can target any (yes, any, regardless of team affiliation) intact gibbed corpse, raising it from the dead to fight for him! It works exactly the same as a Stimulator revive, Get Up mechanic and all, but rewards the player with an AI thrall. Sure, it doesn’t move all that fast, and can’t be marked with the Surgical Marker (in fact, if your thrall hits a marked enemy, it heals you instead), but for the next fifteen seconds or until it’s finally re-killed, you can keep the dead working for you.

Secondary Ability: Battery Pack
Now, those of you looking to hire Transplant are wondering how Reanimation would be of any use in a pressing situation, where you’re likely to have already used up some of your Surgical Marker charges. Well, Transplant already thought of this, and decided to carry around spare batteries.
Activated by using the Reload key when the Surgical Marker is equipped, this Ability will instantly fully recharge the Surgical Marker. The cooldown for this Ability is 30 seconds, regardless of the state of charge before swapping batteries, so use it wisely.
Alternately, it could be a dedicated battery just for reanimating corpses. Haven’t decided yet.

When fighting Transplant, keep your distance. His weapons are suited for close-in engagements, and if he does mark you, it will be for lesser duration. Stick to cover if marked so as to deny the enemy healing from any damage they might deal. Take advantage of his lousy single-target healing and gun for the Mercs less likely to deal damage. Finally, be sure to single out Transplant himself. Once he’s down, so are his markings.

(Mr-Penguin) #2

This is really cool!

(TheVulpesFox) #3

Looks very complicated, like the backstory though. I wonder how difficult it would be to implement something like that into the game?

(Samniss_Arandeen) #4

Got any ideas for simplifying Transplant’s abilties then? Shouldn’t be too hard to implement a “marked for death” status effect that causes damage dealt/taken to be transferred accordingly.