Merc Stereotypes: Fletcher

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After seeing JGblkshot’s post on Steam about Medic stereotypes, and always wanting to do one of these in general, I figured I’d do a couple of these. Don’t be surprised if I end up making these into videos (sub to me on YouTube btw).
Disclaimer: These are gonna be exaggerated for the sake of da’ lols, there’s a reason for the stereotypes existing but they don’t apply to everyone. So don’t get your undies in a twist if your favorite card, weapon, or playstyle has a negative stereotype because it may not necessarily apply to you.
Anyways this is Fletcher, some of these may have multiple mercs in one (Bushwhacker and Turtle are probably gonna be together), but they may have their own posts if I deem them worthy. Alright, cool, let’s go.

Before the Lead & Iron Update, most people who were using a default loadout card were new players. Now, however, the loadout cards now have augments, so there is a possibility that someone using a loadout card is a decent player who is just using the card because they don’t have the card in a higher rarity. Still, though, the person using this card is probably a nub. And we all know what he looks like. Constantly running around with the Ahnuld, not really understanding the concept of a sticky bomb actually sticking to an enemy, slowly walking up to players and then ADSing with a shotgun directly in front of an enemy. If you see one of these players, it’s probably best that you let them know that stickies are better than shotguns and watch them fumble around while trying to figure out how to throw the damn things.
The Hollunds
These guys usually fall into two categories. The guy who trusts his ability to get in close with a slightly higher damaging shotgun, or the guy who is using a Hollunds card because he just got it, and doesn’t know that the Ahnuld is usually just better for Fletcher’s playstyle. Both of them can be seen running way closer to the enemy team than they should be and panicking when they fuck up and try to run away, lobbing stickies and dying before they can detonate them.
The Blishlok
This is a Warpig. If you don’t know what a Warpig is, the term was coined by SoundSmith on YouTube after the TF2 hat of the same name. It’s essentially used to describe someone who thinks they are better than they actually are just because they have an item equipped.
Why is the Blishlok a Warpig? Because its the only primary that Fletcher has that requires actual tracking. While, yes, it does give Fletcher a lot more range capabilities, people who use this probably think that they are not just better than the shotgun noob-nub Fletchers, but also trust their sticky aim for the burst damage that defines Fletcher’s playstyle. They can usually be seen tryharding at all times, and only ever speak to blame their Sawbonez for not healing them, even though he’s the one who longjumped away from his medpacks. If you see one of these guys, be ready for him to definitely use his Blishlok and panic when he misses all his shots, runs out of ammo, and just starts flailing stickies all over the place.
The Stubborn Sticky
This guy is dedicated to the sticky bombs, and worships them at all times. He usually forgets that he even has other weapons, and will be incredibly confused when he runs out his stickies and suddenly has a shotgun in his hands. It’s usually pretty hard to tell who these guys are just by looking at them, though they are not likely to be a new Fletcher, considering he’ll probably running around with his stickies instead of his knife.
The Sulton of Stick
Ok, this is the guy you should actually be afraid. This guy could be running any card, but you can bet that it won’t be below gold in rarity. He’ll seem like the Stubborn Sticky, but that’s because he never needs to use his guns or melees. This guy will land cross-map stickies, will always seem to have at least 2 ready for any fight, but you won’t even know that because you’ll die from a sticky on your butt that you didn’t even know was there. If you see this guy, tread lightly. If he see’s you, you have only a few seconds to pray… cuz you won’t have time to run.
The A31-er
You saw _Sniff use this back in the day and use it religiously, no matter the rarity. These guys will defend this card tooth-and-nail, saying that there’s no reason to use the Blishlok because Fletcher’s not a ranged merc, but then double back and say that the Hollunds requires you to get too close to be useful. And it’s hard to argue against the A31, especially because it has Lock-on, but when it comes to these guys they pretty much just see all the other cards as jokes to the Lord _Sniff signature. And by “these guys” I mean me. I do this.
The BL32-er
Same thing as the A31-er, but you see the BL32 as _Sniff’s true signature card, and see A31-ers as normies.
The BL33-er
You had this card in Cobalt before Lock-On got fixed, and you refuse to swap to the BL32 out of principle.
Elite Operative 1.0
This guy right here is a Fletcher main. They know that the BL21 is a more gun-oriented card, which goes against the “Stickies are your primary weapon” playstyle, and they know the weapon skins are just glorified Iron skins, but they don’t care. It’s a reskin for Fletcher, and they main Fletcher. So they need it.
Elite Operative 2.0
This guy didn’t care for the original Operative card, and bought this one because they wanted the A31 along with a reskin. These guys usually laugh at the Fletcher mains who force themselves to use the original Operative card and whatever Weapon Skins they have for the Blishlok and Tolen.

That’s pretty much all I got for Fletchers! As a Fletcher main, it hurt to write this a bit.
Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. Soundsmith reference.
  2. We need more.

3. If and when you do one for Sparps, if you call her Sparks instead of the correct ways of Sparps or Sporks, I will personally pay a visit to your wall and make the scariest meme there I can find at the moment. That or if I don’t feel like making that entire effort, I will beg a certain memer who shall not be named to post the cringiest meme they can ever produce to you.

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I think quickdraw is the superior augment for skilled fletcher players. Lock on is only valuable if you’re missing your stickies, as it detonates them sooner to make it easier to land some splash damage. If you’re landing direct hits with them, lock on serves no purpose whatsoever, while quickdraw lets you pull out and put away the detonator faster to keep a weapon in your hands more often, meaning a smaller chance of being caught in the vulnerable state of switching between your stickies, detonator, and guns.

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This could literally be a Soundsmith video.
Just need a Jojo reference and the Tophat-Beard combo and you’ll be fine

(Szakalot) #5

@Jigstraw lockon allows for airburst from closer ranges. Effectively allowing some throws that would otherwise not be possible

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@Da_Mummy said:
This could literally be a Soundsmith video.
Just need a Jojo reference and the Tophat-Beard combo and you’ll be fine

I’ll take that as a compliment.

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I could only read this in Soundsmith’s voice, haha