[Merc] Spaz

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Appearance to be determined/

Name: Spaz

Character Role: Support


Nationality: Couldn’t decide on one and would like support. Thing Scottish, Swedish, or Jamaican.

Spaz gets in, gets the job done, gets out. He rushes to the aid of his teammates and never lets anyone lag behind.


-Health: 90
-Speed: 470


Primary Fire: Hochfir, Kek-10, Crotzni(These weapons subject to change to balance the merc. If needed, he can wield machine pistols like sparks.)

Secondary Fire: Standard Pistols(DE .50, M9, Caulden)

Melee: Standard Melee(Beckhill, Stilnotto Stiletto, Cricket Bat)


-Adrenaline Rush: For 7 seconds, or until the character performs an action other than movement, Spaz would receive a speed boost of 40. While under his adrenaline rush, Spaz would take 25% less damage. Cooldown 15 seconds.

Explanation: This ability’s purpose would be to move to a desired designation faster or to retreat from a gunfight. To make one thing clear, the 25% reduction to damage taken is only while the ability is active. So this means that he could not have this during a gunfight because the ability phases as he performs an action other than movement(This includes gunfire and objectives).

Adrenaline Pulse: Spaz emits a pulse, about the size of Pheonix’s heal pulse, that gives anyone within the radius a speed boost of 10 and slightly increases the speed in which their abilities cool down for 10 seconds. Cooldown 20 Seconds.

Explanation: Thise ability is implemented to add the teamwork aspect to the character. To prevent him from being a solely selfish character, he can provide aid to his teammates. Its only slightly increases their stats to prevent being OP, but still provides enough that he can be a viable character to have.


"I’m Just as fast as you, but faster.”

“You’ve heard the thunder, now here comes the lightning!” (Upon getting triple kill)

"Now you can be fast, and you can be fast, everyone can be fast!” (Upon activation Adrenaline Pulse)

"Hate to split but i have a job to do.” (Upon activating Adrenaline Rush)



ehr educe the speed. to 450

(SwegsterDragon) #3

@astoundingShellfish said:
ehr educe the speed. to 450

Well i was looking to have this as the fastest merc in the game. Spaz has the same speed as Sparks and the health of Proxy. Thats why I was willing to change his primary fire to help balance him. However, his speed seems accurate for his purpose/role.

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However, his speed could be brought down to 460. That could be reasonable, but also increasing the duration of his adrenaline rush to 8 seconds. That seems fair.

Thanks for some feedback.