[Merc] Sapper.


Name: Nick Volta (placeholder)
playstyle: objective/engineer
health: 130 hp.
speed: 400


Character: young and kinda inmature. (age around 27). addicted to bad puns about electricity.

“Thor” sentry. 200hp cooldown (if picked up)20secs (if destroyed) 70secs/1 minute and 10 secs
Sapper deploys his electric coil which will attack enemies within range (a little more than fraggers granade 120% maybe) dealing 10hp every 1.5 reducing the enemys speed (40%) and Acuracy on the procces (same as flinching)
Destroys explosives (ecpetion for skyhammers and artys) within the radius (this reduces the sentrys health)

Engineer. works faster on objectives.

Combat rifle (same as artys) as stock
aks-74s (dont remember dirty bombs name :P)
Arnhuld-12 (lever action shoty)

Fraggers revovler.
machine pistol (sparks mp)

The character is focused aroudn defensive objective paly. much like bushwacker. (example) if the enemy is trying to rpeair the EV you can deploy the snetry denying the area whiel youc an use it as cover however you can go agresive having more health than average you can rush into an objective and deploy the sentry which cna let you arm/disarm the objective while the sentry buys you time.

THats all as of now


Quotes: That was a “shocking” dispaly of skill from my part/ HEY! how much are those expensive studies workign now huh? (when dwoning rhino)/ I liek my enemies like my breakfast. big and toeasty. (when killign wiht “thor” sentry)