[Merc] Sabotage


Engineer/Obj especialist.

ability. Q/4
Jamming pulse.
throw a small device that jams all nearby abilites (excludign some)
Range: vassilis sensor
duration: 5 seconds
cooldown 15 seconds.
can only carry one at a time.
ammo/heal station: disabled durng the jamming
Refractive armor: disabled
artillery/airstrike: disabled.
JAPANISE LAZOR OF DOOM!: disabled if kira is iwthin the jammers range.
Revyvr/defibs: 50% slwoer charge times.
heartbeat sensor/IR googles: disabel;d if within range.
healing pulse:disabled.
Phoenix “Il am back”: 20% slower
Satanic landmines/stickies: will be disarmed (defused)
Sentry bitch of hell: disabled , takes extra 20% damage.
does not affect: Granade laucner/, “FACK YOU button”, minigun, frags, med bags, ammo packs (flex,em) [/spoiler]

weapons: KES-12, bishlock, BR-16.
Dmg: 12
rpm: 683
reload: 2.1
mag: 35
range: 15
recoild: medium
hiden from minimap.

yeah just a concept feedback please

(gg2ez) #2

So this merc is pretty much just a big “f*ck you” to everyone on the enemy team. Approved.


@g22ez a balanced fuck you :smiley: