Merc: Lazarus

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Quote: “I kill my enemies, and heal my friends. Sometimes I heal my enemies so I can kill them again!”

Appearance: Lazarus is a small, young Irish man, probably about proxies height. He has a buzz cut of short black hair and a clean face with blue eyes. He normally wears a black leather jacket zipped up, and white cargo shorts, with dark leather boots.

Backstory: Lazarus was born and raised in Ireland, and moved to London to train in the airforce to be a pilot. He then volunteered to try out the experimental healing grenade. It was during this test that the bomb hit, and he was evacuated, and the grenades mysteriously vanished. Still wanting to make money for his family, he took his amazing luck as a sign to return to London, and see what damage he could really do.

Health: 100hp
Speed: 430

Primary weapons: Timmik, BR-14, M14

Secondary: any pistols

Melee: beck hill, Stiletto, Kuhkri

Q- Healing Grenade
Amount: 3
Cool down: 15 seconds each
Lazarus throws a grenade with a 2 second fuse that revives and/or heals allies in its vicinity. This range is quite short (probably around arty’s air strike range) and heals revived allies for 50% health, and heals standing allies for 60 hp.

E- Implode
Amount- same as healing grenade (I.e. If you use healing grenade and then implode, you’ll only have one of either left.)
Same effect as healing grenade but instantaneous and targeted on self. Doesn’t heal self. (This is to keep Phoenix viable)

Passive- Sacrifice
Amount: 1
Cool down: 1 min
Activates a spare grenade once downed, reviving allies nearby, but downed allies are resurrected with full health. Doesn’t heal.


I am confused by what implode does

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it basically is the same as the healing grenade, but it detonates on yourself without the 2 second fuse.


@blisteringNest to be hosnet dont liek that part of it…

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Eh, it’s the healing grenade concept I’m most interested in. I like the idea of a group revive, so that detail isn’t the most important to me.