[Merc] Jericho

(evo888) #1

Class- Fire Support
HP- 120
Speed- 400

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Jericho was working as an employee for the military company ‘Decanus Munitions’, after the dirty bomb attacks however ‘Decanus’s’ facility was destroyed, Jericho and several other employees barely escaped with their lives. In the rubble of ‘Decanus’ Jericho needed work, a few questions, some promises, and a quick look through ‘Decanus’s’ weaponry, Jericho had found a job with MercServ. Using a multipurpose portable mortar and ammunition dispenser he is now raining hell on his enemies from the safety of cover.

Cooldown- 90 seconds, 60 seconds are restored upon recovery
Duration- N/A
Deploys the Multipurpose Portable Mortar and Ammunition Dispenser, or M.P.M.A.D. for short, this device dispenses ammunition to allies exactly as a normal ammunition dispenser would, is also the launch point for a guided torpedo

Cooldown- 16 seconds, requires M.P.M.A.D. to be deployed for 16 seconds before the ability can be activated, cooldown does not begin until the torpedo has detonated
Duration- N/A
Jericho pulls out a pair of binoculars, then the M.P.M.A.D. launches a guided torpedo into the air that you remotely guide into its target, torpedo deals enough damage to destroy an EV in four direct hits, explosion has a range comparable to that of a frag grenade, however only deals 100 damage maximum, limiting its effectiveness

Primary- BR16, Stark AR, Dreiss AR
Secondary- M9, Caulden, Selbstadt .40
Melee- Kukri, Stilnotto Stiletto, Beckhill Combat Knife

If you do not agree with this suggestion please explain why, do not just compare it to other games to save yourself the effort

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(Demonic_Muff1n) #2

so basically the MPMAD makes this merc like a mix of arty and a stationary javelin. not a bad idea in a whole but 16 secs activation is way too long. Make it shorter like 5-7 secs. Also can u guide the torpedo like how you have the guided mode with javelin’s rocket? or do u just lase the area u wanna shoot at and to torpedo just hits there. Anyways this feels like another arty, cause arty pretty much has the same thing he has a laser designator in which he uses it to call in an airstrike with concentrated AOE dmg plus his airstrikes only have a cooldown of 20 secs whereas your ability has a cooldown of 60-90 secs. Anyone would choose arty over this merc. Im gonna need more specifics on the blast radius though because you’ve vaguely said “large blast radius” perhaps compare it to another merc’s AOE ability. I say change his ability cause like i said, its like a poor arty. Maybe have a mortar but instead of shooting out a rocket/torpedo make it shoot out some sort of utility round.

(evo888) #3

you guide the torpedo through a camera on the torpedo, you are in other words completely vulnerable while the torpedo is in flight, the M.P.M.A.D. can continue launching torpedoes every 16 seconds as long as it is deployed

(LawrenZi) #4

I think that being stationary while using the torpedo makes him kind of useless, since you can just use Jav’s rocket and guide it to an enemy… and keep in mind that standing still in DB means you’re basically dead. They reworked Aimee’s SNITCH beacuse of that. And even if you don’t making stand still with his ability on, Arty and SkyHammer exist.

(TheDorkyDude) #5

In terms of his primary ability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xnb2nfDNFk
Seem familiar much ?

(evo888) #6

@TheDorkyDude said:
In terms of his primary ability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xnb2nfDNFk
Seem familiar much ?

the only similarity is that he uses goggles, besides that there is nothing in common, plus who cares about paladins. what you’re showing is arty’s ability

(TheDorkyDude) #7

Your description of his primary ability just instantly reminded me of this paladins character, although I didn’t play it once. Idk but it seems to me, like everyone in this thread already said, that he is too similar to other mercs, that are already in the game. I think he lacks a bit originality. If you want to see original merc concepts just visit one of mine. I do not wanna repeat what other ppl already said so im just gonna end it here. C ya

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #8

@TheDorkyDude said:
In terms of his primary ability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xnb2nfDNFk
Seem familiar much ?

nah think he means this

(TheDorkyDude) #9

Still pretty stupid, cuz you’d have to stand still the entire time. And if there is no way to cancel the ‘binocular-mode’ you are pretty much a sitting duck waiting to get shot.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #10

i think it balances out having such a nice skill.

(Da_Mummy) #11

My gripe would just be the fact that… you know it doesn’t fit the DB asthetic at all. This sounds more like a killstreak thing from CoD or some other random military Fps game.
The mortar doesn’t seem that bad but 1. It would be useless indoors 2. A deployable with 90 second cooldown? Good luck getting things done when phantom is in free rotation.
As much as other people said it already but I would like to mention it again it’s technically a less practical version of Arty.
Sorry to say but I just can’t see how to implement Jericho in a unique and fun way where he isn’t outclassed by all the other fire supports.

(Splicerrr) #12

So the torpedo is like the ucav or tv missle from battlefield 4? If so it doesnt seem good for an ability since it would be useless indoors and the skybox on maps are pretty small. Agile mercs like proxy or aura would probably be able to evade the torpedo depending on its blast radius.

(Cordyceps) #13

I just go to say that Jericho is an awesome Merc name

(gegezz) #14

Yeah i like guided rockets. Like in descent or loadout. Pretty fun stuff, and it’s not op since you can’t fight meanwhile. Easy to kill, while being an easy kill too.