Merc Ideas: Petrol

(NinjaPirate) #1

Name: Maxim Jager

Nationality: German

Sex: Male

Health: 150
Speed: 410

Lore: When Petrol was a child he always had fascination with fire. Watching it burn leaves, paper, wood, etc. He has heard stories of his grandfather being in a flamethrower unit in ww2. So when he was 18 he worked as a weapon manufacturer for the army. He designed a modernized flamethrower but the army declined it due to ethnic reasons.
When the Dirty Bomb attacks struck london He realized this could be his chance to make profit off of his creation.

Ability #1: Flamethrower
Petrol`s Flamethrower Shoots out a stream of fire. This is perfect for killing squishy mercs and damaging heavy ones.
Once hit by the flamethrower they will recieve afterburn for 2 seconds. Although it is fairly short range so he has to get upclose and personal with it.

His Loadout favors Shotguns and Pistols

(Dysfnal) #2

Literally Pyro… Shotgun, pistol, flamethrower.

On a balance note, he’d play too much like rhino

(Naonna) #3

the very slight afterburn could make the merc dangerous, but because of the slow speed and range issues, this character seems a lackluster Rhino. The only other issue I see with adding fire particles to a weapon is the ‘lack of aiming’ complaint which crops up in tf2, often.

The mechanic isn’t BAD - it just doesn’t seem to encourage intense aiming. Because dirty bomb is played at range, by most mercs - especially snipers and the burst rifles, a short ranged merc such as rhino or shotgun proxy becomes more difficult to use as the skill of the players involved go up.

(BushWanker) #4

It just seems like its a different variation of Rhino.

(Fyrix) #5

What’s the point in more Pyro related mercenarys? We need new fresh ideas.

(Brycko) #6

@Fyrix Like a Gas based Merc, a biological weapon Merc, Chemical Weapon Merc, Sound based Merc (already exists), Water/Ice based Merc (using liquid nitrogen), etc…

I would make all these, but critiquing is way more fun

(Dysfnal) #7

@Bushwanker I wish i said that

(LMuerteMan) #8

I like the idea of another rhino there are no other heavys like rhino. Thunder gets close because of the high health but it atacks like any other class but rhino approach is different. I think it could be less bulkier but deadlier at close range

(Wedgebox) #9

We have Rhino & Thunder…now we need another tank able merc that can blast fire at us? Is Stoker not good enough?