[Merc Idea] - Trip

(Cordyceps) #1

Merc Name: Trip
Real Name: Amalia Arnulf
Gender: Female
Nationality: German

Class: Engineer
HP: 100
Speed: 430

Ability 1: Self Securing Tripwire (SST)

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

The SST is a circular electronic device that can be thrown at and attached to surfaces. It can be rotated on the X axis before being thrown and will deploy a laser tripwire. The tripwire is highly visible and deals damage to anyone who passes through it. The damage dealt scales with the length of the laser (the longer the laser, the smaller the damage). The SST can deal 30 damage max and 2 damage minimum. Up to 3 of these can be deployed or carried at a time.

Ability 2: Objective Specialist


Primary: Presca MR (Default), SMG 9, Hochfir
Secondary: SDMP (Default), M9, Selbstadt .40
Melee: Wrench (Default), Cricket Bat, Stilnotto

New Weapon Descriptions:

Presca MR: A single shot assault rifle that comes equipped with a red dot sight
-Head Damage: 48
-Body Damage: 23
-RPM: 325
-Mag Size: 26
-Reload Time: 2 Seconds

SDMP: A machine pistol
-Head Damage: 20
-Body Damage: 10
-RPM: 680
-Mag Size: 22
-Reload: 1.5 Seconds

-Left Click Damage: 65
-Right Click Damage: 75
-RPM: 90


That link has some concept art I made for Trip. I’m not really an artist, so please judge it for the concept rather than the execution.

Disclaimer: Multiple reference images were used to create the concept art

(Da_Mummy) #2

Wh… why… what
This isn’t Rainow 6 People when are you going to understand this. In a game where fast healing and wall jumps are a thing what kind of purpose would a visible tripwire serve other than beeing annoying once and then you shoot it down.
I mean it’s already a pain in the butt to use Aimees SNITCH companion since he goes down so fast.
I’m not criticising the Concept Art because I can’t draw and it would be unfair to judge it, but why do you people keep requesting mercs that don’t fit their asthetic of the game at all.
I only wrote one merc concept and was afraid that it would be garbage but if everybody keeps writing concepts like that I wonder why I was even worried.
Sorry but a big Nope from me.

Edit: okay sorry about that
As for actual criticism I just don’t think thats the concept of a tripwire is practical where you have instant killing mines and mollys to block of routes. The tripwire would just be used as a long range low Damage Laser for Example imagine somebody placing one of these on the pillars on the Chapel on… well Chapel.
Actual idea: reduce the Damage and the Number of them at a time to two
OR make the tripwire cap at a certain distance and higher the damage a little bit.
Sorry for the random outbreak.