(Merc idea) The Scientist

(AlmGandi) #1

I thougt of a Merc that is a scientist possibly on the chemic side. My idea for his ability was a crossbow (not my final idea but some kind of shooting device with slow moving projectile for balancing) that shoots Arrows that explode on impact with mercs and deployables and releases acid. This acid will make debloyables not work anymore and the can not be picked up anymore. For mercs if you hit them they take some inital damage (not to much maybe 20) and then some damage overtime (again not to much because that is not the point of the ability) and they can not be healed for a certain ammount of time. I first thought of a mad german scientist, if some of you like the idea itself i can post more about it and if i am able to (with my crapy art abilitys) try my best to make some pictures of what i think the merc should look like. For the role itself i first thought of a engineer but maybe. I also thought of some balancing aspects and weapons for the merc, so if you like it i will post more ideas.

(AlmGandi) #2

Now that i think of it, medic would be more fitting for this type of merc idea

(Demonic_Muff1n) #3

on the surface it seems like it would need some balancing and also that crossbow idea sounds like a ripoff of javelins rocket launcher, the whole ‘acid’ idea seems a bit like stoker but if you want an in depth review we’re gonna need specifics

(vbsh123) #4

Nah this sounds bad…Sounds like an Overwatch charachter I specificly dislike overtime damage by poison and the unable to be healed thing as well(Tho we got aimee for that) Doesnt fit Dirty Bomb in my opinion.

(AlmGandi) #5

The crossbow was just an idea for something with a projectile so that it is easier to balance with speed and arc of the projectile, it could even be a slingshot

(AlmGandi) #6

Also the projectile only damages and releases the acid on impact. The damage over time is not needed it was only an idea from me for some logic but it is not the point of the ability it could even be only 5 dmg over the duration. For stats i thought of something like skyhammer or redeye but a more slower character with more health would also fit in because we only have 3 of them currently. I only thought of a secondary so far that would be something new and interesting. A shotgun revolver ofc not as powerful as a primary shotgun but more powerful than a normal revolver in cqc (weak at range). I didnt want to create somekind of overpowered ability it should be an ability with a big reward that is not too easy to pull of. And you need to decide if you want to shoot a merc or a deployable.

(oSlip) #7

I don’t think acid really suites the techy theme of dirty bomb, maybe if it where to be some sort of EMP? that also delivers electrical damage, this would make more sense.

(AlmGandi) #8

For me it fits in quite well, as in a london after a radiological attack filled with mercaneries that kill each other for Organisations with experimental tech. An EMP is already in the game with phantom and to many similar abillitys would make mercs play too much like each other