[Merc Idea]: Sweep

(Cordyceps) #1

Name: Sweep
Gender: Male
Nationality: Brazilian

Class: Fire Support
Health: 120
Speed: 410


Ability 1: Arc-Disk
Cooldown: (Min) 15 seconds, (Max) 25 seconds

Sweep throws a small metal disk with glowing blue blades along the edges. The Arc-Disk travels 30 meters at a speed of 10 meters/second. After traveling 30 meters, the Arc-Disk will start to arc back to Sweep’s current position. If there is an obstacle in the way, and it runs into it on the way back, the cooldown goes from 15 seconds to 25 seconds. The Arc-Disk deals 25 body damage and 50 head damage.

Primary: TAR-21(Default), Crotzni, Hochfir
Secondary: PT92 (Default), Simeon .357, Selbstadt .40
Melee: Machete (Default), Cricket Bat, Beckhilll Combat Knife

New Weapon Descriptions:

Mag Size: 35
RPM: 385
Body Damage: 22
Head Damage: 44
Reload Time: 2.2 seconds

Mag Size: 10
Body Damage: 17
Head Damage: 34
RPM: 410
Reload Time: 1.2 Seconds

Machete: A slow-medium speed weapon that does 45 Left Click damage and 85 right click damage