Merc Idea. Sparen.

(Meeperderp) #1

## General:
Name: Sparen. *
Gender: Male.
Nationality: Dutch (Netherlands).
Speed: 430
Health: 120
Class: Medic


‘‘Aww, does it take too long for your ability to regenerate? I can help you with that!’’


  1. Ability Refiller/Drainer.

The player selects an enemy with the left mouse button and slowly drains the ability. 2 second draining = 1 second more for the enemy’s ability cooldown. This affects all of the enemy’s abilities, except for ammo bags. The drained ability power is given to a certain amount of teammate’s in a certain range. The same as before: 2 seconds draining = 1 second off the teammate’s ability cooldown. This ability does not heal or damage teammates or enemies.

  1. Big medkit.

Sparks’ medpacks are small and give a small amount of health instantly. Sparen throws a Big medkit and the player who picks it up gains +85 HP. Regeneration = 10 seconds. Stacks up to: 4.

  1. Defibrilators.

I don’t think it’s neccesary to fully explain what this does. It revives teammates.

Primary Weapons:

  1. Crotzni. (default)
  2. Hochfihr.
  3. SMG-9.

Secondary Weapons:

  1. Desert Eagle.
  2. Selbstadt.
  3. Burst_19 (New burst pistol) (default) *

Melee Weapons:

  1. Stilnotto Stiletto (default)
  2. Beckhill Combat Knife.
  3. Kukri.

*1: Why did I call him Sparen? Well, I thought that the refill ability made him look like a guy who always has spare abilities ready for his teammates.

2: I’d like the burst pistol to fire rounds a slight bit faster in a burst than the Stark-AR. The damage can be about the same as a Selbstadt. Mag size: 18 rounds.

Let me know below what you think of this idea. Thanks for reading!

(Meeperderp) #2

something went wrong with nr 2 in the end, but hope it doesnt bother you too much lol