Merc Idea: Jester, Assault with a decoy grenade

(fluorescentUrchin) #1

I wanted to complete the holy trinity of flashbang, frag and decoy grenade. So here is Jester, probably my favourite merc idea which I have created yet!

Name: ?
Nickname: Jester
Gender: Male
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Motto: Made you look, Made you stare, Made you lose your… Maybe not.

The son of a fireworks maker and merchant, Jester was always quite the showman. He always wanted to create the greatest, loudest and most dazzling fireworks and shows for the insanely rich oil barons which commissioned his father. This love of explosions led to him joining the Saudi military. After a year or two, Jester left official military service to become a mercenary selling his knowledge of explosives to the highest bidder all across the middle east. In his travels, Jester visited some of the greatest firework shows an holidays across the world, from North American independence day to Chinese new year. At the time of the dirty bomb incident, Jester was visiting London for both the 5th of November and later the new year’s fireworks. Now he fights through London’s streets alongside the other mercs for cold hard cash.

Health: 150
Movement: 380

Ability: Decoy Grenade
Cooldown: 15 secs

A throwable grenade which produces a “spotted” icon as if an enemy were spotted by a recon merc on the enemy team. If the enemy team does not contain a recon merc it produces a vassili spotted icon. When an enemy comes into line of sight of where the “spotted” merc should be the icon disappears. If the enemy moves within 5 metres of the grenade a false “detected” notification will appear for them. The grenade produces the sound of Jester’s current primary and last for 10 seconds when it explodes in exactly the same way as skyhammer’s airstrike marker, only for less damage. The Decoy can be shot to disable it.

Here is what it would look like:
(the URL wouldn’t work on the forums)

New MG36 style machine gun with stats in-between the K-121 and MK46 here is my go at doing it’s stats
Damage: 15 Headshot: 30
Firerate: 600
Reload: 3.3s
Mag Capacity: 70
Range: 28m

Driess AR

Smjuth and Whetsman


I imagine Jester to look very casual compared to the other mercs with mostly coyote (tan) camo. His face would look very similar to one of the dust 2 terrorists in cs go with a black t-shirt, combat vest, red and white shemagh

Would love to hear feedback, be as critical as you like it would be good to see any flaws with the idea.

(Naonna) #2

This idea has been brought up a few times, but it seems a bit situational - I’m unsure how the A.I. for the spotted false-positives would work, as well.

While it seems a nice idea, I feel it needs a bit more utility. With proper team coordination, players would be able to know which mercs were real. (My worries of the A.I. are that real players wall jump and don’t always move in straight lines.)

(Naonna) #3

(Interesting primary weapon, too. I’m not confident that my judgement would be applicable here.)

(fluorescentUrchin) #4

@Naonna I see what you mean, a stationary blip would seem suspicious, I am not sure how you could change it though :confused:

(yesser) #5

i guess having something like an hologram could be better . it can be moved like kira lazer that would show a rondom ally merc moving and jumping could be pretty nice againts snipers ( and make it that red eye cant see the holo if he is using a his vision )

(fluorescentUrchin) #6

@yesser I suppose, but I am not sure if that would fit my intention of him being a fragger/thunder style assault merc. Though it is a very cool Idea :3

(Naonna) #7

Decoys don’t really do much, I feel. You just shoot them with 2 bullets, don’t see a hit indicator, or return fire, and you go ahead and ignore it. - It’s about as useful in a team fight as phantom’s non-emp cloak. It’s distracting, sure, but it’s usefulness is very short lived.

(Dysfnal) #8

This gives me an idea for a deafen grenade… Which would impair hit detection (like you were shot from this angle kind of deal) and eliminate game audio… Would be very useful in competitive if done properly, though it would need to have a second ability to complement

(fluorescentUrchin) #9

I have always liked the idea of a scramble grenade, one which disables your hud and abilities for a short amount of time @Dysfnal

(Mr-Penguin) #10

Discord says hi.

First ability spots, deafens and disables the HUD of enemies, second is an AOE mute for allies.

(Naonna) #11

Sounds like the flash bang’s muffle effect for those close to the blast: even without the blind.

Second sounds only useful in very specific situations.

(Mr-Penguin) #12

[quote=“Naonna;194988”]Sounds like the flash bang’s muffle effect for those close to the blast: even without the blind.

Second sounds only useful in very specific situations.[/quote]

Well, you’ve seen the thread. Both delay objective notifications as well. I would’ve added something along the lines of an accuracy debuff (hence the name “Rattled”), but that’d be too annoying for the enemy.

And not to derail the origina; thread, a decoy acting just as a decoy wouldn’t exactly be useful if there were no Recon mercs on the enemy team. I had an idea for a decoy merc once that would just have the merc deploy a holographic version of themselves that runs around and avoids obstacles. Enemies that shoot it are spotted.

Something that can both distract and provide team utility is important.

(fluorescentUrchin) #13

well, how could I improve the decoy? because I like the idea of distracting enemies but I don’t know how I could make it more viable

(Naonna) #14

Who is stupid enough to shoot a decoy? You learn after the first time, when the merc doesn’t shoot back. It would work once at most. - I don’t see the point of it, even if you added penalties for shooting at the decoy, or some aoe effect around the decoy.

(Bluepanda) #15

Maybe it deploys a vassili scoped in that explodes when killed because ppl like knifing scoped snipers.

(Naonna) #16

… Because that would be a super-valid ability to be used against a coordinated team… able to change the game beyond all measure… capture points, do repairs, or destroy objectives… exc…

The point is, it’s not enough on its own. Maybe as a secondary, sure. not as a primary ability.

(fluorescentUrchin) #17

@Naonna Maybe some kind of discombobulator then? It could not people away from objectives. perhaps use it to interrupt abilities, planting/diffusing and repairs

(fluorescentUrchin) #18

knock* not not

(Naonna) #19

(there’s a little gear at the top right corner of each of your posts. You can edit previous posts from there.

An ability which knocks enemies back could be used strategically, depending on how strong the knock back is, and if there’s a delay on the explosion, or not. - It just wouldn’t be great in all cases. An interesting factor is that in Dirty Bomb, spread widens while in the air. was initially a part of TF2, but was removed along with all other nades - each class had their own. - I’m not especially sure it would mesh with Dirty bomb all that well, but a ‘move opponent around’ character could be a pain to fight against, and make people cry in a similar way when thunder was seen as ‘too strong’ for his mouse slowing effect.

I’d assume a merc with a knock back based ability would have to be an engineer merc or fire support. - Hence area denial. I’d advise that it be a bit more than just a nade, if implemented, however. We already have quite a few mercs with throw-able balls which explode, and knocking someone back once doesn’t really stand up to stoker’s blanket of fire.
(another aspect of these knock back nades is the ability to concussion jump using them. In dirty bomb, Fraggers can still get out of the map, assuming they have a willing medic to help in their jumps. - Not intentionally added in by splash damage, it seems.