Merc idea: Hacker

(Feley) #1

I do not know if there was idea like this before, so forgive me if this is just another repeat

Name: Hacker (someone please help me with name, can’t think of any — edit: maybe “Feley” lol)
Gender: Male
Class: Objective Specialist
HP: 100 / Speed equivalent to one of Vassili

Primary: Hochfir/Kek-10/Hollunds
Secondary: Caulden/DE.50/Tolen MP
Melee: Beckhill/Stiletto/Cricket Bat

Passive Abillity - Objective Specialist

Abillity 1 - “Hack”:

Hacks through C4 wirelessly but defusing time is like one of normal merc (If he goes to the objective, he will defuse it with time of an Objective Specialist)
Radius of this abillity is about 5 meters and C4 can be defused through walls (it is enough to defuse C4 outside of train) but my only problem is with Terminal and what if “Hacker” is just behind wall defusing every C4 (maybe making it so he can’t defuse through walls :confused: but increasing radius)

Abillity 2 - “C4 spotter”

He can install this hacking sensor in C4s so it can spot/hack through enemy PDAs and therefor spot every enemy Objective Specialist (that is probably going for defusing C4)

This is my first merc suggestion, so if something is incorrect, incomplete, unbalanced or if there is any mistake, feel free to comment :slight_smile: Thanks!

(MrSoUndso) #2

How big is the radius of the wireless hack?
Can it go through walls?

(Feley) #3

[quote=“MrSoUndso;134684”]How big is the radius of the wireless hack?
Can it go through walls?[/quote]

Well that is my problem, I would like him to be able to hack the walls and radius would be 5 meters but since first objective on terminal can be exploited by defender “Hacker” sitting behind gate and waiting for someone to plant, I think he shouldn’t have abillity to hack through walls, but his radius would than be a bit larger…

(SirSwag) #4

I’d like to have a deployable that can automatically repair/defuse objectives.

(Feley) #5

Wow that’s a great idea, something like turret but for objectives, nice!

(Mr-Penguin) #6

Automaton says hi.

(Corppet) #7

Rather than just allowing him to defuse C4’s, he should be able to also hack any deployables (even sticky bombs) with his “Black Hat” (BO3 reference) in a limited radius. Also, his “Black Hat” should defuse C4’s at the speed of an objective specialist, and rather than having a cooldown, he gets one “Black Hat” by scavenging enemy engineers and can hold up to two. If Hacker only had abilities towards objectives only, he wouldn’t be a very good merc to play as in my opinion.

(Feley) #8

Yeah very true, I was firstly thinking about that.
When I got the idea I said… Well he should be able to turn enemy deployables on team side, nah too op… Maybe he should be able to disable enemy deployables, but whats than Thunder for? :confused:
After all I gave him kind of reconish abillity (since he does have 3 abillities and doesn’t need op abillity)

I think I would play Hacker altough he wouldn’t be “fun” to play… But at least if he doesn’t have any destroying abillity (mine, sticky, turret) he would be stronger than other objective specialists and still wouldn’t be “must have”.

(Naonna) #9

He ruins some core aspects of the other mercs: it would be no fun getting ruined by your own deployable as any merc who relies on them. - We have enough recons, and one doesn’t do his job. He may not be overpowered for the deployables-aspect: just infuriating as a proxy or other engineer. Completing any major objective out of harms way seems a bit broken. - People are already upset over sparks reviving at long-range with no risk to herself: imagine someone doing the same thing which wins a map; Even with counters.